Why have many scripts on RS gone?

I was looking up more scripts for Meana Wolf videos. A person called Galbine is making a lot of these on RS. Like, for example, Meana Wolf - Demon Wants Your Semen.

However, even though that video is advertised on the old forum, I cannot find the actual script on RS. The same is true for more scripts from that vendor, like My Lesbian Mothers and Meana Wolf & Liv Revamped. Where did all those scripts go?

Hi mortimer,

When I joined RS, a couple of weeks ago, I deleted some of my scripts of RTS including all the meana Wolf’s videos.

I’ll post them on RS as soon as I have time to test, improve and upload them. :wink:

Right now I’m scripting 2 more videos with Meana

I’ll post them before the end of this month I think


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