Why haven't you tried Ayva Remote? (Feedback Poll)

A bit of a vulnerable question, but I’m looking for feedback about interest (or lack thereof) in Ayva Remote.

It’s been a few months since I released it. Based on usage statistics there are a few folx who’ve spent hours in the app, and the feedback I’ve gotten directly from people that actually use it has been very positive. However, its still a small number of users compared to the exposure it has gotten.

So this poll is for folx who have come across this software, but haven’t tried it.


  • Too Expensive
  • Too Intimidating (to find a partner and/or interact)
  • I don’t like the interface / control scheme
  • My device isn’t supported, otherwise I would
  • Not interested in remote control / prefer other apps
  • Just haven’t gotten around to it, but plan to
  • Other
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I welcome any additional comments or feedback in this thread. This will help guide how I approach development on this software going forward.

Thank you!

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I pop into this forum a few times a week and look at the new/updated posts. I don’t recall seeing posts about this tool/app. I could very well have just skipped over it as, software-wise, I haven’t needed to look for anything new.

At this level, I think you’re looking into a niche of a niche of a niche. The compatible devices that are listed are more niche in the auto-stroker scene (OSR2+ , SR6, and SSR1). I imagine the majority of people who have auto-strokers have one from The Handy, Fleshlight, Kiiro, etc. From an already small selection, you’re looking for people who are into both the cam scene and partner-sync experience. I’ve always assumed that most people who use auto-strokers buy them not to use with other people, but to use privately and personally.

On top of everything- there’s the need to sign up through Patreon and then also sign up for cam sites; I totally understand why everything is setup the way it is, but each extra step which is required is going to turn people away when the alternative is to simply pop open ScriptPlayer, select a video, and you’re off.

100% there is a demand for things like this, but it’s just a numbers a game. How many people actually own and actively use one of the 3d printed strokers, how many of those people are into the cam scene, and how many of those are willing to give up control to another person?


Makes sense. I’ve been suspecting those reasons but I just wanted to confirm.

I am working on supporting The Handy, followed by Keon.

Regarding signing up through Patreon, what I will likely do is make Ayva Remote free and open to everyone. I’ll probably still keep logging in through Patreon—in case I add some premium features and want to lock those to certain tiers—but I will allow the Free tier access so you don’t have to pay anything for the base features.

I’m also thinking about creating a discord for people to find folx to control their toy; as an alternative to looking for cam models to pay to do it.

More to say, but definitely will be changing my approach to make the software more accessible.


Personally remote control of the osr2 isn’t something that interest me. Personally I wouldn’t go online to try and find someone, and in the cases where I’ve met someone IRL who would do it, we’d just have sex instead.


I don’t have any real interest in this, especially as I’m waiting for the release of the Teledong to potentially use with future long distance partner(s).


i had to google what this was, and read the FAQ.

and this caught my eye :eyes:

From the computer, the Teledong can connect to strokers in a number of ways, such as over the internet, over bluetooth, or by recording a script in advance.

imagine being able to stroke a dildo and it turns your movements into a script on the spot …


Honestly wtf is that poll. Is “not interested in remote control at all” and “prefer other apps” really the same for you?? Now there are a bunch of people, including me, voting there and you might think we all use other apps, but in actuality just everyone doesn’t care about the usecase to begin with.

Also my real answer isn’t even listed, which I think would be the top vote if it existed - “theoretically interested in remote control but have no one to use it with”

Also the real real answer would also be “didn’t know it existed until I saw this poll”


That looks awesome!

Though I did read this line on the site: “Sending motion in real-time over the internet is not as widely supported. To our knowledge only The Handy will be able to support it initially.”

Given it looks like it will be open source, this is probably the kind of accessory that I would make my app work with.

Though they are going to be charging $100-$150 per device it looks like, so there could still be a decent market for simple phone control since that costs… nothing …because everyone already has a phone.


maybe “prefer other apps” wasn’t the best phrasing, sure.

in my head I was thinking “prefer other apps” to be other kinds of applications like Funscript players and such.

not sure why the hostility tho. its just a poll that quite literally hurts no one.



Any hostility you interpreted into my answer is your own. The only emotion I felt was “confused”

Yes, I interpret “wtf is that” and double question marks (which tends to indicate yelling, anger, incredulity, etc) as hostile, as well as the general “piling on” tone of the rest of the comment.

But okay.

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I’ve tried the ayva stroker and thought it was amazing. Just really have no interest in the remote control. I’m more interested in maybe in the future an app where you can sync some of the behaviors of ayva with the funscript stroke that would be awesome.

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To be fair, your post sounded hostile to me as well. It was a needlessly aggressive wording for what you were trying to say.


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