Why hyperlink doesn't work?

Lol, still figuring this site out and accidently deleted the post.
So, anyways… I am trying to put a hyperlink at my profile to my faptap channel and it looks good in preview but it doesn’t seem to work. Was wondering if there is maybe a restriction since I just made this account, or that I possibly need another code line.


Users at trust level 0 cannot … Have actual links in the ‘about me’ field of their profile (will be silently and temporarily converted to plain text)

Thx! Any idea what trust level is needed for use of hyperlink on profile? Am a bit lost in the information and can’t specifically find it.

Also saw editing of posts can’t be done after 24h until trust lvl 2, which also only allows 30 days. I wanted to make a post including all my scripts released (from faptap) and update it once in a while, but does this mean I can’t? Or could I keep it at least alive by commenting on my own post every time I have a new script available?

Sorry for all the questions, haha

I think this was a recent change rather specific to this community - to prevent people from purging their portfolio on a whim - you might be able to find more on that in another post here.

I usually just add another post to my release-thread