Why is SLR allowed here?

I’m trying to be as civil as I can be here, but slr is really aggressive towards other studios and members of this community. For their sake it might be better to not allow any posts from them, because I fear it will only go worse as they are known from accusing and threatening without proof on other forum-like platforms.


I don’t like banning people without good reason, but you are correct that they are on the hostile side. We will keep an eye on it and send out warnings if it continues.


Fair enough, you guys are the best. I really don’t want to be afraid of writing a comment because I will be assaulted by the guy, hopefully with you as moderators it won’t come to that :slight_smile:


if that does happen, please report it to a mod

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Can you be more specific about hostility?

All I did is pointed you out about potential copyright infringement on your site and having debate on how things work in the other thread being the one actually assaulted by people who can’t take another view on things.

I can see someone enjoying mod’s mighty.

Buddy, this is not the way.

In the initial post, Hugecat responded to your claim that it was pirated by:

  1. Removing the post as per the site rules.
  2. Suggesting that you forward your claim to Mega if, indeed, you were the copyright holder.

This is not a hostile response in the least. They not only acknowledged you were correct, but went a step further and anticipated your actual request to remove the link. They added that you should direct your claim to Mega if you wanted the offending content removed entirely, rather than just the link from ES (since it’s completely outside of their power to do so, obviously).

So, to be clear, at this point, Hugecat has been made aware of a violation of the site rules that are already in place against pirated content, and has immediately acted to remove said violation. To which your response is:

“You are responsible for keeping piracy away from your board. If you wish i can put you in touch with people managing copyright issues for that content. Not sure there will be much to talk about”

This response is:

Unnecessary – “You are responsible for keeping piracy away from your board.” This is a responsibility Hugecat already acknowledges both in the rules and in his action of removing the offending link when made aware of it. (Which is the limit of their responsibility, to be clear. They do not have to proactively seek out and eliminate pirated content, only to act when it is brought to their attention. Accepting that we acknowledge ES is not a flagrant piracy site where most of the content falls under that umbrella.)

Condescending – This seems pretty apparent, but everything from telling Hugecat their job to the pithy “Not sure there will be much to talk about” at the end.

Hostile – ‘I’ll send my lawyers after you’ in so many words.

Now, certainly, the internet leaves room for misinterpretation of tone. And you seem to have done that with Hugecat’s initial response since you later claim they were hostile first. We could write all this off as a simple misunderstanding based on that were it not for this one question: What the fuck are you doing?

Seriously, there’s two possibilities here. Either you’re an SLR PR person, in which case you actively picking (or even just accepting) fights with the community you’re supposed to be coaxing into supporting you is basically the opposite of your job and your bosses should really be replacing you, or…

You’re an SLR stakeholder who thinks they don’t need to pay competent communications people.and can just do this thing on their own. In which case I’d use this as exhibit A (and the “reputation” that gets brought up here as exhibits B-through-H) towards why you do.

You’ve done SLR no good through your actions here, or elsewhere. What is the purpose behind your decision to fight battles like this, especially when you’d already gotten what you seemingly wanted before you even started?


@Sinibus i appreciate the followup. That said, I feel like this is just going to spiral into a very negative thread. I’m going to lock this for now. Please message me if you have further concerns or feel that this should be opened up again.