Why not VR?

Just curious how you guys feel about VR.

VR has a strong presence in scripting community. It’s going even further giving how much breakthrough innovation is coming with all the things we have in work for interactives (live cams, multiuser, AI scripting, perfect connectivity).

Of course not everyone here has considered or ever tried VR. Honestly, oftentimes I myself prefer flat videos over VR for amateurs and variety.

What’s that reason that keeps you away from VR?

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I have tried VR on an Oculus Quest 2 and I enjoyed it, but I have since given it away. I think the types of scenes were too redundant (especially for the ones with one actress) and I don’t think there is enough variety/creativity in that realm yet, though I am sure that will change with time.

Also, I don’t think the quality of the videos was really there for me yet. Even watching directly on SLR, they still felt like a video, just a really fucking large one. It was fun and immersive but I don’t think it outweighed the amount of maintenance, clean-up, and additional shit you have to manage / could potentially go wrong.

Having said all of this, I can see myself giving VR another try since it will continue to be an industry with a lot of investment, but probably not soon.


Oh I absolutely love VR, if more scenes had a seperate angle to see the action like in this Jewelz Blu VR vid

Would probably get people on board since you get the best of both worlds

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I agree with ahe, I feel like without room presence (depth, being able to move around in 3d), it’s just watching a video. More often then not it’s not worth the fuss, and I’d rather watch 2d. The majority of my use is 2d scripting and using plugins with VAM so there’s an actual 3d environment, real scale, and it’s much more immersive.

Where my preference is different, is that the traditional positions used in VR porn are much more appealing to me than most 2d porn where it feels like there is a rush to cram in the most fetishes into each video often to the exclusion of standard positions. I’m very vanilla with my tastes though, but I do recognize and agree that there is a lack of varied content generally.

I’m a fan of VR although the quality varies greatly. Some videos are terrible, some are scary, some are hilarious, and some are just amazing. You have to find the diamonds in the rough. VAM is fun to mess around with but adds more complexity than I can afford under normal circumstances.

I thought I had left 2D behind until I discovered that scripted 2D was actually better and more immersive in VR as well.

I enjoy it from time to time, but to be honest it’s the setup time and positioning of the devices in just the right way to keep immersion going that when the mood hits unless i’m specifically in the mood for VR I’ll just say fuck it.

The other problems are points of taste. Scenes when a chick is all “eat me out” and fake moans into the camera… turnoff. Scenes where the male actor starts jerking himself off… turn off. Constant position changing from cowgirl, doggy, missionary… turnoff. So basically, immersion breaking. There are some studios that have noticed that feedback and adjusted properly, or their schtick already flows well with VR. But those are generally what keeps me on an on again off again mood with it.

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I love 3D VR, adds to the immersion factor a ton. That being said, I also really like 2D in VR. That is the EXACT reason I’m always posting up upscaled/upsampled versions of 2D content - looks amazing in VR.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the price of a VR headset is the primary obstacle for the vast majority of people. The experience with a smartphone in an adapter is pretty bad, so you really need to buy something for at least a few hundred dollars. And, for the purposes we care about here, you have to make sure it’s not going to lock you into some kind of ecosystem which prevents you from using it how you want.

There’s also the factor that a lot of people don’t even have computers. All they have is a phone with a tiny screen. That restricts what kind of VR device they can get.

As for me, I use VR even for viewing 2D videos, because of the isolation it provides. It’s rather like being in your own private movie theater, provided you use the right kind of sound equipment (i.e. ear buds or noise cancelling headphones). The latter is especially important for noisier devices like the OSR2.

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sometimes the angle of the girl makes the scene look huge! really hard to find good camera scenes and not feel like the woman is a giant lol, that what puts me off in being in vr most of the time. that illusion kills it for me when they are big

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I like VR I own 2 headsets. There’s a ton of really hot scenes out there and I love when they do the ear talk and there’s something about being able to look directly at someone’s face both IRL and in VR.

But. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes. I have to download a 2 - 10GB video every time I want to enjoy a script. I don’t like using the handy in a chair because it’s never been a comfortable position for me. I prefer laying in my bed which is in a different room from my PC. I use Virtual Desktop combined with SLR to get around this which is one of the few VR apps that allow you to change your position for laying down, other software forces you to look straight forward which is super annoying.

I prefer flat videos because I don’t need immersion to enjoy a good script. I’m more in it for the fantasy I guess. I “imagine” all the sensations (I can’t think of a better word), and so hentai and recently PMVs have been great (Im glad more people are going the action based route)

Another thing is that VR scenes are only as good as the pornstars and storyline are. If they aren’t into it, you can tell real fast.

I prefer VR over 2D. The newer 7K scenes are much better quality.

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VR is superior to the alternative in my opinion. And watching 2D using a VR headset is superior to using a monitor. That being said, VR has a lot of room for growth:

  1. The video quality of 3D videos is not as good as 2D. As an aside, I also hope headset FOV widens in mainstream headsets.

  2. The software used to watch 3D videos can be improved. I prefer using the traditional Windows or Mac file folders to sort and choose downloaded videos to watch. I haven’t found any software that recreates this well.

But overall, VR is superior and what I use the majority of the time.

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only time now which is rare ill watch non vr is for some old generation fav pornstars with no or very little vr content. Otherwise VR all the way, hard to go back to watching vs experiencing porn…


I own a Vive, but honestly setting up VR scripts is just too much of an hassle. mainly because my VR setup is in another room and handy + vr headset + headphones + cables. it’s just too much hardware for me to bother. maybe I’d be more into it if I had a smaller headset like a quest.

Also as someone else pointed out. I’m just not that into the types of videos that are made in VR. I’m not a big fan of over produced, almost sterile porn that comes with large productions. I like simple videos where it’s just normal people having sex, and it’s just not what exists in VR.

I love VR. Here are pluses and problems.

Plus. Immersion. I use the VR headset for all watching of any format either 2d or 3d/ I have visual distortion due to macular degeneration but I can still get clear use form the headset.

Plus. The better shot 3d is very exciting and gets a tingle from my dingle. I like when a girl whispers into your ear while another works you over.

Minus. The tech is expensive and more complicated to set up.

Minus. The headset gets heavy / uncomfortable after a while and the wireless I have used get hot or stop in the
middle of the action.

And the biggest minus of all. Filesize. This is an issue with streaming bandwidth and the compressions are not always compatible with the headset. How many terabytes of storage will I end up with?

Honetly I droped 2d PC played scripts for VR and then when I go up and saw 7k, then I broke my self and have only 7k 5k minimum videos that are eating storage but yea immersion on VR depends from set up.

I lay on bed and choose BJ mostly, have some hands free solution, Oculus Quest standalone only Quest and Kiiroo Keon ok plus headphones and I am enjoying my self for sloppy BJ.

Maybe some scripts are more detailed on PC but with 7k, turbo thrust I found some real enjoyable videos and stick to it for now.

Ever since I started VR porn I never went back. That’s until I got my handy.
The amazing job the guys are doing on hypno/cock hero scripts are just mind-blowing. I still strap on the helmet and play those 2D in VR most of the time.

If I have to name one minus; it’s the setup hassle. I’ve got to have my laptop on charge, headset tethered to the laptop, handy plugged-in and strapped on. It’s good in limiting porn consumption to some extent though…

VR usually leads to a better experience for me, but the setup sometimes keeps me away from doing it. For example when i take my headset off (to put lube on), Virtual Desktop will kick me out of VR-mode so i have to reenter VR with my controller + setting up the perfect POV in DeoVR can be a bit annoying.

This might be a bit pre-mature post as we are running some major tech upgrades with upcoming SLR app releases, so take sharpness and vivid crispy colors out of your list :upside_down_face:

Anyway… What’s that thing you are missing in VR?

I feel like we are on the way to SLR metaverse. This has nothing to do with what Zuckerberg says. Upcoming technological is going to greatly improve VR as we know it today. On top of that we are working to add more interaction. SexLikeReal Interactive scripts is the fastest growing part of the site. We are adding a lot more scripts in coming months with our just released AI scripting tool for SLR script creators. Live cam sync with sex toys is in works when a girl will jerk you off by managing your device. Could be done to a group of people. Actively looking for hardware hackers to get SLR haptics up and running.

Adding multiuser experience is another big thing for us. We are going to finally have it in 2022.

We haven’t started with spatial environment yet, but it’s going to come after we introduce multiuser. I’m surprised that over the past 5 years we aren’t using much the space inside the app.

Also we will be rebranding SexLikeReal into 7D sex wellness experience. VR porn is a huge advantage by itself. We are definitely looking to explore the best combinations there and bring it to you guys.

I can see Happy Holidays coming to many homes. Let me know what are you missing most.


A bit late, but just wanted to add my $.02 As someone that is considering, but has not yet dropped the cash on a VR headset, I’ll say that I’m a little hesitant not because of the tech, but because of the content. As others have noted, there is an all too familiar script that too many VR videos tend to follow. Couple that with the fact that there is a decided lack of chemistry in most of the scenes. This could be due to a lack of dialogue (likely intentional to increase immersion for the viewer?), or maybe the female talent having to perform with male talent that is refraining from moving as much as possible. Whatever the reason, it actually breaks the immersion for me more than cultivating it. Mind you, we all know porn plots require a bit of suspension of disbelief, but the chemistry (and genuine acting) present in many 2D scenes aids in that for me. I have yet to watch a VR scene that hits those notes for me.