Will there be Heresphere support for ScriptPlayer?

As a complete noob to funscripts and vr porn videos, ScriptPlayer is great, and Heresphere is IMO the best VR video player. Is there a way I can connect the two? My scripts play really bad on MultiFunPlayer, and I really don’t want to use Whirligig because Heresphere is so much nicer on my eyes. Does anyone have experience bridging the gap between Scriptplayer and Heresphere? Thanks!

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Yes you can use HereSphere with ScriptPlayer. You’ll need to set ports correctly for both ScriptPlayer and HereSphere. The attached pics should help you. The formatting was a bit weird when I uploaded the pics but in the ScriptPlayer settings put in localhost:13579 for DeoVR.


After setting that up you will need to select DeoVR in ScriptPlayer and you should be good to go


Hey thank you so much for helping! I tried my best to download ScriptPlayer’s beta debug build but even with that I don’t seem to have the DeoVR video player option. Can you help me figure that out too? Thanks again!

It should be there by default. Are you using this download link https://ci.appveyor.com/project/FredTungsten/scriptplayer/build/job/ur9e52vw7k8oxf4x/artifacts?

Ok I feel silly cuz somehow I downloaded the right installer but still used the older, wrong installer. Thanks again, I believe I got it from here!

Haha all good. We’ve all been there!

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