Willing to pay someone to help with my VR setup

Hate to add to the list of posts similar to this but I cant figure it out. I recently got the quest 2 and ive tried my best reading through all the forums to set everything up but have failed. I am using the launch and have all the videos and scripts on my computer but cant seem to make everything connect properly. If someone could help i’d be willing to throw some money to you for the hassle. Or even just jump in a discord call quickly to speed things up. Thanks in advance yall are the best!

I could be sure what you need to do if it were the Handy. For the Launch I can only speculate outside of problems outside the device…

Are you using DeoVR? Have you set up a DLNA server on your computer? Have you transferred the identically-named funscripts to your Quest in the interactive folder?

how do you transfer files to the quest?

have you tried to link the quest to the computer via cable?

No, I didn’t buy the link cable because it was like $80. I’m guessing I need that to transfer files? Any way do that wirelessly?

I don’t have a launch but I use my Quest 2 with virtual desktop. Cost about $ 20 but that it’s worth. I payed it in the Quest 2 store. For the windows PC theres a client version (which is free). After that I can use deovr wireless through steam.

On your phone:

  • Install the SLR Interactive App on your phone, create an account and log in, connect your Launch to your phone through the app

On your Quest:

  • The scripts you transfer to a folder named ‘‘Interactive’’, the videos you can transfer to the ‘‘movies’’ folder
    Make sure the names are matching

  • Download the DEO VR app, open the SLR website on the app and log in with the same user as your phone. There is a green light on the website when its connected to the ‘‘SLR Interactive’’

If you have any troubles or doubts shoot me a message, it took me a while to sort it out too.

No need to pay me. Im happy to help.

Good luck!

You can use the cable that comes with the Quest 2 if your PC has an USB-C port. If not you will need an adapter or any USB-C cable that has a USB connection on the other end.

Yeah I don’t seem to have that cable. I’ll have to buy one. I really appreciate all the help!

Guide for watching videos through DeoVR running natively on your Quest 2 directly synced with your sex toy (if supported by Buttplug) WITH the content being played from your PC / a DLNA server :slight_smile: .

There’s two main questions when hooking everything up;
1: How will your Quest 2 play the actual video?
2: How is your toy going to know where the video is up to?

There’s actually a few ways to ‘answer’ these two questions, it just depends on your preferences.

For me I had one big requirement:

  • A wireless setup BUT no Virtual Desktop / AirLink, (I didn’t want to run DeoVR on my pc and stream that, I wanted to use the native DeoVR app on my Quest 2 to play; reduces latency and get to use Quest 2 power more honestly rather than the PC doing the majority of the lifting. You can probs expect more frames especially if your PC is weaker at rendering than your Quest 2; among the countless other advantages of running natively :slight_smile: ).

I mean after all we just spent our money and bought this beautiful sexy Quest 2 and I got to use Airlink degrading the experience, LOL no thanks.

Outlined below is how you can achieve this as well;

Answering question 1.

So what we’ll need to do is use a DLNA server. A DLNA server allows one to share media, well in our case our awesome videos, easily with other devices.

I use Emby as my DLNA server;

  • Download Emby and go through the setup process. (Download link for Windows 10 machines)

Once setup you should be able to see the icon when Emby is running. Just right-click on it and click configure emby.

Over there make sure to create a new library and add your folder, it’s pretty self-explanatory really. Here’s an example of a library.

Pesky settings:
Just a quick note I disabled auto-startup and ‘launch web app when emby starts’ as it’s pretty annoying when I turn my PC on and it takes me to browse emby with all my content on display lol.

I’ll just open Emby when I want to and right-click on the icon and click browse or whatever to open up the web-app.

Ok, so at this point you should have a library folder added.

We’ve now answered question 1; here’s just an extra piece of info you’ll need to know before we move on:

When you open up DeoVR on your Quest 2, the taskbar icons on the bottom, there’s like that folder icon; here’s a generic example (it’s the middle option on the bottom in this pic)

That is local playback, DeoVR supports local playback from your storage on your headset or DLNA servers :slight_smile:

Click on the folder icon and then there will literally be an option on the left sidebar called DLNA, just click that and it should popup with a select and Emby should be one of them.

Once you click on Emby it’ll show you all the videos in your folder.

Answering Question 2

Great, nearly there, now to solve question 2, how will your toy know where the video is up to?

You’ll need to make sure you have

Initface implements the Buttplug sex toy protocol, it’s basically like a bridge between your sex toy and software people build to interact with Buttplug.

In our case Initface will use Buttplug to talk to your device with commands from ScriptPlayer.

  1. So, start Initface server:

  2. Then on ScriptPlayer click ‘Devices’ from the top, then ‘Buttplug’, and select ‘Connect’.

  3. Now you’re connected to InitFace. At this point make sure your sex toy is turned on.

  4. Then again same place but instead of clicking ‘Connect’ click ‘Scan for devices’. Your sex toy is now connected.

Now you’re in the homerun, this step is crucial though so listen up. ScriptPlayer is like okay I got your sex toy hooked up but how am I playing the video back to you / how you watching?

We’re using DeoVR here so we’ll select DeoVR.

Now here’s the thing, ScriptPlayer by default will assume DeoVR is running on your machine BUT we aren’t running DeoVR on our machine, we’re running it natively on our Quest 2.

No problem though; we’ll just need to tell ScriptPlayer our IP address of our Quest 2. Don’t fret, it’s actually really easy to get;

On your Quest 2;

  1. Go to SettingsDeviceWi-Fi and just click on your connected network.
  2. Then just scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and click on it and bam, one of them is ‘IP address’.
  3. Just punch your IP into ScriptPlayer BUT leave the : and port number alone. By default DeoVR runs on port 23554.

If you don’t put a port number in it’s like telling ScriptPlayer that DeoVR is running in a room; here’s the house address so you can get there but idk the room number. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Future warning
I’ve had ScriptPlayer forget the IP address randomly like months later or something or your router could also change IPs if you haven’t reserved the IP and your router dynamically changes IPs.
Just make sure to check that

  • ScriptPlayer didn’t reset the IP to something else
  • Your Quest 2 IP didn’t change.

Now one last thing with DeoVR on your Quest 2; go to settings → developer → Enable remote control, make sure it’s on.

And bam at this point you should see ‘Conected’ on ScriptPlayer.

Final important step: One thing to remember is that we’re used to having the same title for funscript and video in the same folder.

The problem is when using a DLNA server the title of the video will probably not be the same. It basically means whenever you select a video in DeoVR to play you need to manually make sure you have selected a script.

Process outlined below; click the folder button as seen in the first picture, click ‘All files’ and then select the funscript.

That’s it. Quite a few steps, hopefully it’ll get easier in the future. Enjoy though!


I’m using quest 1 + Virtual Desktop(15$) + deovr from steamvr + 5ghz wifi for stable connection.

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Where did you do that ? From directly your pc ? So you have to do it every time when you would like to play a video, am i right?

I didnt get it how could you open the files natively in quest ? You just open deovr player in q2 then emby, locate the file and played it. I done it but nothing worked. I did completed all steps in your explanation btw. Somethings is missing here ?

You have to open it first at scriptlayer on your Pc, than you can playback in your headset via deovr. It means that you are not capable of to command natively in Quest. But i have to admit that it’s cool. You can even play Vr files with this way.

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Thank you so much for this detailed soultion! I was missing the part where I had to put the quests IP into scriptplayer. You’re a legend! And thanks to everyone to offered some help!

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So you are able to connect to Emby and watch the video? Can you explain which part is not working? Your sex toy not working but your videos are coming up?

The reason why you need to select the script manually on pc is because Emby servers the video file and typically adds in a bunch of things to the title, for us that means the file name won’t match with the Funscript so we manually have to chose the Funscript.

Yeah no worries, enjoy.

Just remember if it like suddenly stops one day down the line, check for a failure. Like for me ScriptPlayer a couple times just randomly reset the IP for DeoVR player. Or your Quest 2 IP could change. Just make sure to diagnose and what not. Enjoy!

Thank you for this guide.
I have followed your guide to the letter, however, once I start DeoVR on Q2, select DLNA server > Emby and from here I can see my library with movies, however, when I click on a movie it shows 3 dots rotating until its stops and drops an error with some kind of unsupported format. I tried all of them and every single one drops this error.
kind regards,

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It’s all working now. I can work it at last. But ı think that you cant make a playlist and watch in Deovr. You should watch it one by one. Add one one on pc then put on your headset when youre finished that video put of your headset add another one on Pc. So, it’s not like same to login SLR on DEOVR and watch anything what you want. But ı admit that it’s really great.

Did you try it on Windows? I think that we have a DLNA option on Windows. Maybe this auto changing the filename malfunction is just identical for Emby Servers so we dont need have to open it scriptplayer before ?
I’ve tried it on Windows but it’s not working. I think this problem is just related Deovr. It’s not related Emby or Windows DLNA Server. Scriptplayer has a solving method named fuzzy name matching but we need to have to find the pattern. I mean how the filenames change automatically when they will be playbacked.

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Awesome guide! Hope this gets pinned.

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Do you think xbvr could fill the same role that emby is filling?