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Without Deovr, Handy is a useless piece of crap?

Hi guys

If i dont get it wrong, using handy without deovr is not possible for watching synced VR features.

So if ı would like to watch some vr video from my computer via dlna server i have to login some website and use their broken app. what a solution ! I have to go online to watch some offline videos, congrats ! It looks like that Handy manufactured this art of state tool for SLR enterprise. Why guys ?

Yes, if you’re using DLNA server, you’re pretty much forced to use DeoVR.
Their last updates are pretty crap, the video playback isn’t as smooth anymore as it should be (Skybox and Pigasus are doing their jobs for me) and the developer doesn’t seem to be able to see frame drops.

Only thing you can do is using the Link Cable or Airlink (if you’re using the Quest) and play your videos with HereSphere (doesnt work with Airlink yet I think) or Whirligig. You also need to setup ScriptPlayer.

wrong, you can use scriptplayer aswell for example, and there are more options (that i cant tell now, dont have the handy, but i know there are more options)

i prefer scriptplayer with whirligigg, deovr is sometimes a bit laggy. and scriptplayer with whirligigg can be used with the handy too. there is a direct connect function in the scriptplayer for the handy.

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No you can use script player as well

What’s wrong with using DeoVR? I find it the easiest to set up with the Handy in the VR, you just open it up and you are ready to go. You don’t even have to pay for SLR sub, just open their site.

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Its just doesnt play scenes as clean and clear as Pigasus etc is my only issue… Kinda a big one lol

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Quest is a standalone beast. So, ı would like to use the xr2 chips advantage to watch anything up to 20 gb size on my computer. If you have one why do you want to struggle any codecs or graphic settings on your shitty computer. Everyone doesnt have 1080 ti or more powerful computers in their homes. So your recommendations like scriptplayer or whirligig does need real horsepower but with a standalone headset you just need a decent videoplayer software, thats all. I am looking for more mobile more cordless solutions. Handy stuck in between SLR monopoly and their shitty player app and i really hate that.

It’s so obvius that it mustnt any complex than playing subtitles in your video app player. why do i have to login any third party site why ?

Come on Pigasus of Hanging Hat Studios ! Let’s make a change, bring the script option and kick the deovr out of hell !

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