Woojer + PMV

Has anyone tried this thing with the PMVs or any other content?

How does it feel? Is it that good? Does it worth it?

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i was curious about this as well

I wonder if it will feel good in VR porn ngl :innocent:

Ive seriously considered buying one. Back when it was a vest and not a strap. I also considered buying one of those wrist watch bass things. Basslet was a kickstarter or one of the crowd funding things back when it was all the rage. Basslet : Amazon.ca: Electronics

The reviews were meh so obviously didnt go for it.

They still have the vest, I think it would be pretty cool with a PMV haha

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i got woojer vest i’ll get a try.

I remember reading something about vibrators with Wi-Fi that used music as the basis of vibration patterns. Anyone else recall that, I haven’t been able to find the tech.

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pls let us know your thoughts about it

used to be $300 for a woojer vest but after covid prices were raised due to chip shortage

i do, both the vest and the edge, i’ve been using it for months now.

The vest is awesome with PMV, especially FAP hero that add a beat with the stroke.
I actually have a secret about that, some video i have shared here have boosted bass for the vest haha.

My dream would be to have on of the funscript player able to play 2 track of the video at the same time using different audio output.
That way, one could have the regular sound in the headset and a bass track for the vest.

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