Working on lots over here

So…I finally am figuring out JFS…THANK YOU TO ALL THE ONES THAT GAVE HELP. I am spending a lot of time scripting…doing my fav vids and stars, working on some requests, and just learning JFS.
I’ll post some very soon. Just a few that I am working on are MOMPOV FIONA (an open request…and it is coming along quite nicely), QUITE a few FUTA vids (including G4F…a mind-blowing vid), Sheena Shaw, Lena Paul, and Nier is on the horizon.
Also, scripting a full-length movie (gonna take FOREVER, but who cares)…the best film ever starring one of the STAR OF STARS. You had to have grown up in the 80s for this one. But super excited to be working on it.
Again, I appreciate the support and help. Good people here.

If you happen to script some Siri clips…well…will happen soon.


Hey @evilpapa666,

I’m super excited to see you share some of your work. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I think you may have mentioned scripting a video that already has a script, see attached.

I’ve tried the script and it’s really well made so if that was the one you mentioned I’d just wanted to give you a heads up so you can spend your time on something else.


OOOOO. THANKS. The one I’ll script is the hour long one from PH.
I am SOOO definitely gonna check that one out though. Love to see others’ takes on the vid.


Nice, looking forward to the retro movie. Scripting a full length movie is kind of insane, I’ve thought about doing it too but man that’d be so much time!

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Not a problem. Love the enthusiasm. Def looking forward to seeing the completed works

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Do you still have a link to the Video and the Script? It sadly got deleted on realsync :sob: