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Would you like cam girl to manage your sex toy?

We are planning to introduce cam models a tool to manage your Handy or Onyx+ sex toy.

How would you like it?


if done well, could be amazing!


Yes was suprised to not see this feature on SLR.

Fast and hard! That is how I would like it!

(didn’t realize things don’t gif, lol)

That would be awesome, that’s the only thing that has stopped me using cams so far.
Will there ever be models from outside eastern europe?

Wouldn’t mind seeing some American or UK models :heart_eyes:

Oh man that sounds pricey already :laughing:
They’ll make bank! (yes)

uh yes!? need more us models still

I did a couple of sessions like this when RealTouch Interactive was around, and it was just ok. What would really make this is if the Camgirl was displayed in VR? If the camgirls had VR cameras that could film live, and have the camera positioned in the orientation that the customer requested…that would really be next level.

So for example I choose the “Bed”, orientation. The camgirl then sets the camera at the headboard looking down at a dildo. From my view it appears she is right there in front of me on the bed. She can lean in and give the camera a kiss, or whisper something in my ear similar to how the VR porn vids are today except I can talk and give direction to the model.

You may have been thinking this direction, but if not you have to admit I just turned your million dollar idea into a billion dollar idea.

If the only option is to look at a regular 2D screen while the models stroked a dildo than I don’t think I would chose that over the scripted VR videos available today. Don’t get me wrong, I would try it a couple times but I just don’t think the experience would replace the immersive VR experience.

Yes, please!

the cam girls he is referring to are in VR.

To OP, yes take all my money. This would actually make me try a cam girl. I have never tried one.

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If you can simulate 1 to 1 movement like a scripted scene, that would be amazing. Just having someone select fast or slow etc, wouldn’t really interest me personally and would distract from the experience.

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Don’t think that capability exists yet insofar as I know.

ive wanted this for ages, cam girls are pretty boring TO ME as it stands, but if they can control my launch or whatever interactive sex toy, then that changes the game!

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