Written a script for a scene that someone else has also done

So I wrote a script with the intention of selling on SLR but they never approved my application.

What is the consensus here for me to post it for free when another creator has just posted a script for the scene via SLR?

I value this community greatly and do not want to see another Creator lose income because I’ve posted my script for free, but I also want to contribute by sharing a script I have written.


There’s nothing wrong with you sharing a script you created. Doesn’t matter whether or not someone is trying to sell their script for the same scene.


I think, it’s a matter of timing. The most people here just think share whatever you want. I see the consequences of all this.

Without money or a big / open community you can not bring things forward. The interactive toy community isn’t big and it is still a taboo to talk about. No popularity, no return for free creators. That’s why we need money to bring things forward like toys, script / video player and scripting tools / automation.

When it becomes normal that on almost every popular paid scripted video somebody create a free one after. We get huge problems with the innovation progress.


The way I read it, there was no intent on your part, so share it.


In my mind, if you change some parts of a paid script and share it for free, that’s bad. If you’ve created everything from scratch then you’re more than welcome to post it. Thanks !!!


As long as it’s your own creation you are free to share it.

Duplicated scripts are a risk that both paid and free scripters have to consider, but it happens so rarely that I think there is no reason to be afraid of sharing scripts one way or another.

Good habit is to always type the name of the video in the search bar to see if it’s on someone’s WIP list and checking these 2 threads:


Just to be clear, I created the script back in January. I haven’t got or compared it to the paid script.

I have held onto it for long enough, I will leave it a few weeks and then post it.

Thanks everyone


As some people prior to myself have stated: If it is your OWN work, you are free to do with it whatever you want.
There are several examples on this platform with people having shared freely OWN scripts for scenes that have been already scripted by others but with paywall

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We earn most of our income on a script in the first month of release, so it would be nice if you could wait with releasing it after its has been on SLR for a month.
But you can upload it when you want as it is your own production.

Yeah, I’ll wait a month before posting

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thank you thats very nice of you

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