WTF is going on with 2024?

Wtf is going on with Adult Entertainer deaths in 2024… Jesse Jane, Kagney Linn Karter, and Sophie Leone so far this year. And I just learned that Emily Willis is in a coma. WTF?!

That seems more of an average person experience, although I do agree.

I used to be a huge pro wrestling fan in the 90’s and early 2000’s and it was much more commonplace back then for performers to die young. Pro wrestling and porn are eerily similar businesses. A promoter pays a performer to use their body to look unreasonably fit and perform in a way that looks real. Most performers will never get a contract in either business, so they work hard and travel a lot for little pay, which is very stressful. Many pornstars freelance as strippers and escorts, which can’t be good mentally. Most performers from both industries take drugs to look good and perform well. Eventually, they either can’t perform or people are just bored with them and move on to younger performers. Most didn’t prepare for ‘life after show business’ and now they have to take menial jobs where they get recognized and ridiculed, also not good for mental health or substance abuse issues. Eventually, addiction ends them either intentionally or accidentally.

Pornstars have it worse though because even if they plan well financially and avoid addictions, I can’t believe a well known porn actress can leave home or even go online without being called a whore. That’s just society being society, but some people are vulnerable and allow the opinions of others to become their reality and they can’t live with that reality.

To sum it up, it’s show business. It chews people up and spits them without care because there’s always many more people who are willing to fill the void.


I’m current living in with two housemates in Philadelphia, America’s poorest big city and most violent big city per capita. Quite the bubble of privilege indeed. :joy:

Not sure why you became offended and needed to attack me personally, especially when I said I agree, but Kagney Lynn Carter had a multi-million dollar net worth. I don’t see how your anti-capitalist rant of perpetual financial hardship applied to her in the slightest.


Dude, chill, deaths from drugs, alcohol, etc. in show business is a common thing. No need to spill your YouTube “free-thinker” history with the forum :smiley:


I’m 45, no college degree bloated loan to weigh down my earnings. If it weren’t for capitalism, I’d be dead in a gutter. I worked fast food, landscaping, construction, janitorial… then decided I had enough of low wages and learned a skill on my own. I went from homeless shitting in a bucket to making six figures through hard work and self-teaching (in less than 10 years) instead of crying about others who have what I don’t have I decided I wanted a piece of the pie and got a whole pie myself. I was able to buy a $250k home (closed on it in May of 2021 at 3.125% fixed interest before the new admin destroyed the mortgage loan rates) in a decent state (not a shithole state that votes their rights away and cries when the politicians they voted for no matter who turns out to be the criminal they thought the other guy was because they got tricked by promises of ‘free’ things)

I live the reality that disproves your fallacies.

FYI I’m a minority too.


That was the whole purpose of the thread. It had nothing to do with the experience of the average person, which is all you ranted about.

I’ve read your other responses to slight criticisms and it reads like the irrational outbursts of a mentally ill teenage girl. I’m sorry you’re going through whatever it is you’re going through, but ranting online to display your pseudo-intellectualism for likes isn’t going to improve your situation. It’s just a waste of time and energy in order to sate a desperate ego. Again, I’m sorry, but I’m just being frank and pragmatic in order to help you see the forest for the trees.

You seem to NEED the last word with everyone so I’ll allow it, go ahead. Fact is I’ve been with this site for almost 4 years and this thread is easily my least valuable ROI since I’ve joined the site. Ciao.

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It applies because pornstars, unlike those who do things like Onlyfans, are exploited to extreme levels. They made a mere few hundred dollars a video while the porn websites and studios, who engage in legalized prostitution, make hundreds of thousands to millions of of the individual videos. When workers aren’t entitled to the value of their labor, that’s capitalism at work. You can be wealthy and still be exploited. The system scouts for vulnerable people and uses the advertising capital and systems in place (studios, sets, other pornstars, brand labels, makeup artists, etc.) in order to prop up the video quality, and while the CEOs make millions, the workers, the ones who actually do the performances, get paid jack shit.

@Solidsnake fellow comrade :sunglasses:
But you forget that early capitalism had to compete with the Soviet Union, and now we don’t even try to compete with the quality of life in non-western countries. It’s not just late stage capitalism, it’s just capitalism itself unfolding naturally, and the mechanisms of exponential wealth building for the few and erosion for the many are built into the system itself. Thank the federal reserve.

And to anyone else:
Being the exception to the rule of capitalism eroding the wealth of the average person and making it with a 6-figure salary is the new privileged middle class. Wake up and look at your parents’ generation and how well the median person lived. I enjoy getting paid 6-figures and living in the US, only so I can use the US dollar in other countries, and invest and build capital. Even Marx held stocks. High salaries are not exclusive to capitalism, and unless you are a business owner that underpays your workers, or a landlord, you’re not really a capitalist. You’re an exploited worker with Stockholme Syndrome. If you work for yourself, I’d put you as a solo co-op entrepreneur, in which you’re selling your own labor and skills for a fair price. We’ve traded and bartered and worked for each other long before capitalism.

It’s ok to disagree but do not instigate a fight

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I am not an exception, I just dug myself out of the mud and fought my way to where I am… even fought cancer a few of those years. Wasn’t luck or hand-outs… was all me doing what any other person has the ability to do. Nothing special.

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I’m with you there on digging oneself out. Took me a lot of years of grinding to get anywhere. I think it just depends on what people consider to be “average” where I think people misunderstand each other.

Some say that the average person is renting, but the median person actually owns a home or lives with parents who own a home in the US, since there’s a 60+% home ownership rate. The CPI calculation for inflation doesn’t weigh rent much into it at all, and so it assumes the average person is just building capital in at least equity of their own home year over year. Not everyone’s so fortunate, I know people renting for $2k and making $2k, but overall we are very privileged to be in the west with opportunities nonetheless.

I mainly wanted to explain some nuances on capitalism but I know it’s going to go over everyone’s heads, so just invest and stay vigilant, you know what’s going on with the money system anyway. Covid has pulled back the curtain for a lot of people to see quickly what normally happens gradually.

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The pig-headed ignorance is on full display.

Just pull yourself up by the bootstraps, amirite guys? The gool-ol cliche that’s been regurgitated ad nauseum by boomers and Gen-X alike. There are people on this planet who are vastly more educated than you, as evident in the manner in which you write, and who just happened to be born in the wrong era. No amount of bootstrap pulling is changing this, you closed-minded fool. I’m inclined to believe you’re full of it. This has to be rage bait, ahahahaha

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This thread is locked. The thread went off the rails and is now just a political discussion with ad hominem being thrown around.