XBVR Guide - Host your own Video/Funscript streaming with Images, Previews and More!

Thanks with Herepshere OK. DeoVR negative.

Im glad you got it working with Heresphere! In my opinion it is the better player, but if you want to try and make DeoVR work I can try and post a more thorough guide on that aspect (Even if it is separate from XBVR) :slight_smile:

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That’s good. Thank you very much. I also think Heresphere is better than DeoVR

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Thanks for taking the time to write up and share this guide, dingle. Looking forward to the Linux/Docker/NAS version!

Thanks for the kind words, Harold! I’ve been busy with another passion project these last couple weeks but would like to get this done soon for everyone!

Is there anything (particular use case or details) you would like to see included? I have a rough outline already, but want this to be useful for everyone!

Hi @dingle. Awesome description! Helped me a lot to get started with it and to play a little bit with XBVR. I tried today setting up XBVR and did some tests with DeoVR and the XBVR Server. Tooked me a while to figure out that I have to “match” a funscript with the video as well. Maybe something to add in the description. Most of my files are not scraped appropriate. But this is more a problem of my files…they need some care :rofl:

Do you know an easy way to automatically link a video with a funscript also if the scraper doesn’t find a match? Basically an initial setup where at least I don’t have to match manually everything before I can use it with a toy…

First of all, good guide!
I like you have also my own naming scheme for video files. I’ve tried XBVR twice before but the need to manually match 1000s of videos is just too cumbersome. An improved workflow for matching files with videos when the names have been changed would greatly benefit XBVR. A trained AI model for this could probably do wonders :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I do plan on posting the Linux/Docker version soon too :slight_smile:

I completely agree here. Prompted by your message I went and checked the XBVR discord and even the leads there reported “having to match 30,000 files by hand” so apparently there isn’t a better way yet. It’s a brutal process, but once it’s been done, you can export it to a file so you never lose it at least.

I should probably include a preamble that XBVR requires anywhere from 1 to several hours of setup depending on the size of your library, but IMO its worth it!


Is it possible to use XBVR with Heresphere and an Imac ? Thanks

There is definitely a Mac XBVR version. Regrettably I do not own any Macs so I lack the ability to write a guide for that platform currently :frowning:

Kind of a specific question, but has anyone found a way to use subtitles for multi-part scenes? I can only ever get it to display the subtitles for the first scene. The only way I’ve managed to get it to work is by making entire custom scenes and just copying the information over (and adding “- 2” to the name), but that’s not super elegant.

Also inelegant but possibly less work and a better result - FFMPeg supports concatenation, so you could merge multi-part scenes to a single file and put them in XBVR that way?

Its possible im just being dense but is it possible to search or filter xbox vr when using it via deovr. I know i can set up filters in advance but wondering if you can do it while just using the vr headset. I.e i decide i want to watch a lacy lennon video.

I will give this a shot in headset later. I wasnt able to figure out a way in Deo - but Heresphere definitely lets you.

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Cheers Dingle. Appreciate the quick reply. Might have to work out how to use heresphere properly at some point then.

Thanks for all the feedback! If you start from scratch thats fine but with tons of funscripts I agree…to cumbersome. How you guys use XBVR? My plan was to install it as a service on my media pc. I am just curious how XBVR transcode all the different formats so that it can be viewed on a Quest … :thinking:

I have about 2000 videos, ~800 of which were scripted when I started. Matching manually only took me a couple hours (might have even been less) - its a PITA but once its done, its done, and keeping it updated is easy.

XBVR does not transcode anything, it just relays the media straight to your device, much the same as SLR does with DeoVR. Think of it like a browser for your media, with previews :slight_smile:

Stash transcode the content…at least as far as I know and have seen. With Stash sometimes my scene doesn’t start because of the transcoding. I’ll continue with my “adventure” :grinning: Do you have (or someone else :grinning:) some hints how to scrape and manualy match PMVs in XBVR? I have a lot PMVs, so a Studio Link woudn’t be available.

Is stash another app? Im not familiar with it. Transcoding generally isn’t necessary as the Q2/Q3 can play most video formats up to 8k.

PMVs/custom scenes are a bit of a pain, you need to input images manually (either by URL or by putting them in the custom directory and referencing them against your XBVR server) - That is an enhancement to the guide I have planned, but if you want to get started now its the “Create Custom Scene” option.

Yes, the other tool to organize your porn library. It scan your library and match the funscripts to the scene automatically and has some other nice features. On the other hand it is more complex and doesn’t provide a VR UI out of the box. And on my machine (separate and older plex media server) it looks like it transcode the content for my Quest 3…not 100% sure yet.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll give it a try.