XBVR Guide Interest Check/Opinion Polls

What is XBVR?

XBVR Is a streaming media server with user-defined categories, watchlist, thumbnails, video previews, funscript support and more. It integrates natively with both Heresphere and DeoVR (presenting a browser experience similar to SLR) and, to me, greatly improves the playback experience for local files/funscripts.

My Intent

XBVR Has good documentation, but lacks (from what I’ve seen) a full step-by-step guide for setup. If anyone in the community is interested, I’d love to correct that, so click below!

  • I am interested in an XBVR guide!
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“I’m interested, let me give you my opinion!”

Should the guide should be for Docker, or Windows? Docker can be better as it supports running on NAS devices, or any OS that can run Docker, but does require some knowledge.

  • Docker
  • Windows
  • Both!
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Guide should be basic bare-bones to get XBVR up and running, or a more in-depth optimized setup?

  • Basic: “I’ll figure the rest out on my own”
  • Optimized: A few extra steps for better performance
  • Advanced: Optimized setup + Post-install guide
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If you’re still reading and giving feedback, thank you! I have a rough document together with a lot of this info and look forward to (hopefully) making something useful for you all!


I was just looking for some info on how to do this on my Synology Nas. Looking forward to the guide!

Go for it @dingle

And once you’re done, a script is on the house :wink:

Thanks to all who have provided feedback! Based upon the poll results I will be moving forward with the guide!

Based upon responses and practicality, I will target a basic setup + post-install guide for Windows, and a more advanced Linux/Docker setup guide for users looking to host XBVR on a NAS/Server/VM after that.

If there are any use cases or inclusions you would like to see in the guide please feel free to add those here, or otherwise I’ll be accepting feedback/enhancement requests once done :slight_smile:

@Polt Payment in gold :sunglasses:


@dingle the XBVR team made their Github wiki editable recently, so you can probably add your guide there too when you’re done

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I’ll echo @ricomels feedback on how to get this going on Synology NAS using docker or whatever they are calling it now… container manager I think.

As an update for those waiting - I have the text for the Windows guide about 90% complete. I need to document 1-2 more things, edit the text and add images.

Docker guide will be added as well once Windows is ready :slight_smile:

Stumbled over this topic. Wasn’t aware of this software. I am quite interested. Is it possible that you add a section how to use it with toys like “The Handy” and “OSR2”…to play the funscripts? Or is there already a How To available? I am not sure if I understood how to stream the videos with lets say DeoVR and use a toy…

XBVR will feed the funscript back to your player (Heresphere/Deo) much like when using local/network files in those players. For the OSR2 I’m not sure how that works since it requires multiple funscript files, but maybe someone else can add their expertise for that down the line. As long as your Handy(/Kiroo/etc.) is synced to Heresphere or Deo, it should “just work”.

TLDR: No extra setup required!

This will be touched on in the guide :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to give feedback!

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Makes the usage of “The Handy” more convenient, in my opinion. Maybe I store my content in the future on my NAS and let XBVR run. What I still miss with all the toys out there is an easy plug and play solution because most of the time I am just to lazy to install my OSR etc. :rofl:

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There is definitely a bit of setup with XBVR, but once done, it will feel very plug-and-play. I look forward to your feedback on the guide!


Not sure how many people care about Pi, but it makes a decent xbvr server with an attached usb disk.

Also a link to this might be handy in the writeup


Please feel free to add this as a comment when I have the main guide posted! It’s already quite a lot of bulk just setting up the major features in XBVR + all the explanations/etc. I don’t want to overwhelm too much, but I do intend to add in additional features (like plugins) down the line as requested.

Version 1.0 of the guide is up, including advanced post-setup. Thank you all for providing your input!

Linux/Docker/NAS will be coming shortly, but as mentioned in the main guide, you can set everything up on windows, and export your configurations to later import in Docker if you want to get started now!


Awesome! Will give it a try…only need some spare time :sob:. Do you have a recommendation how to store the videos and funscripts in folders of the server e.g. everything “flat” lets say in “/myvideos” or “/myvideos/brazzers” … ?

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XBVR Doesn’t care - it will grab everything recursively (all subfolders) - so you can organize whatever way makes most sense! I personally have a scripted/unscripted folder, then folders for each actress and one for scenes with multiple actresses, but you can do whatever works best for you.

BTW Basic Setup (assuming you have a relatively fast PC and dont have 1000s of VR Videos) should take only about an hour I’d estimate, with a bulk of that being waiting on scans/scrapes to complete.

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