XBVR missing preview in Heresphere for custom scenes

Just as the title suggests I ran into a problem with custom scenes and previews in Heresphere. For scraped scenes the previews work perfectly fine, but for custom scenes (Scenes for which there was no scrapable data) the preview only shows in the browser view and not in Heresphere :confused:

Anybody else ran into this problem before?

When you say “preview” you mean the animated gif that plays when you hover in HereSphere? You do need to enable generation of these in xbvr. I have mine set to only run when xbvr starts for example, so previews aren’t generated for newly added scenes until I restart.

when i click generate nothing ever happens. I havent tried to debug it though. Thats good to know it could work.

Yes and the preview works for most videos. However for scenes that got no ‘scraping match’ and need to be added as a custom scene the generated preview is not visible in Heresphere (only in the xbvr browser)

Yeah, videos need to be attached to a custom scene for the preview to show up as @_toast said.

so I would have to manually match my 1500 videos to get thumbnails? Or do you know of any automatch option?

If they are custom videos there’s no automatch option. You can create a scene for a video from the Files screen by clicking on the green + icon next to the “Match” button. If you wanted to quickly create a bunch you can just hit “Create” on the next screen.