XBVR + timestamp.trade + Hereshpere = fail?

Hey community,

I’ve installed XBVR on my Synology’s docker runtime. I’ve scrapped all sites I need, added my videos and scripts and connected it to heresphere player on the Quest 2. Until here, everything is working fine.

But then I downloaded all cuepoints from timestamp.trade and imported it into XBVR, too. In XBVR web player, the timestamps are working well. Same for DeoVR player on Quest 2. I’m able to jump to the timestamps in the videos. But in the heresphere player it’s not working. All timestamps are listed in the video-tags menu, but when I double select them, the video starts from the beginning all the time. They are not working correctly.

Do you have any idea whats the issue here? Does someone else use the timestamps?

Thanks in advance!


For anyone who has the same issue:
Here is the solution described: Link

In short: There is a cogwheel in the bottom right corner of Heresphere when XBVR is opened. In that menu the tags can be activated.


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