You can't redownload SLR scripts with renewal

It’s interesting that SLR is pushing the idea that you can get the newer AI scripts when they come out considering what I learned today. I was looking to download a newer version of an AI script I got with my renewal and I realized none of them were in my scripts on SLR. I emailed their support team and this was their response.


Considering that “courtesy” costs additional money when you signup it certainly doesn’t seem like a courtesy at all. I wanted to let everyone know so they aren’t under the false assumption like I was reading all these SLR posts here that they could get the newer AI scripts. You can only get them if you specifically purchase them separately. In my opinion these are some very bad business practices.


First of all sorry about support wording. It is not the way we want to communicate things.

On the other hand consider two options getting scripts:

  • Scripts Premium with limited downloads and unlimited streaming.
  • Pay per script with unlimited downloads and streaming.

In both cases you don’t own a script as it’s owned by an actual copyright holder. The same with any other distribution service that grants you a personal license to access (and download) a copy of a digital product.

Could you help me out please OP, I’m not sure I understand?

I’ve read and reread the post but it almost reads as if every time an AI script is updated we would have to pay for the update, or it would come out of our script subscription quota again? I think I’m reading it wrong because 1) that would be ridiculous and 2) I’m able to redownload AI scripts without a problem. I’m not trying to downplay your issue, just could you please clarify because maybe I’m being daft?

Also could you please share how you’re finding out which scripts have been updated because that would be very useful!

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I was wondering this myself when they said the scripts would be updated. Funny they use the word courtesy when it’s the users providing them with free QA testing for their AI Scripts.



there are notifications and scripts version coming.

The word courtesy wasn’t used right by Support Officer. Sorry about that.

Welcome to SLR, lol


Ridiculous is normal in the SLR bizarro world


No QA and an AI script quota. Who said squeezing blood from a stone was dead? Enshittification proceeds apace.


Hi Doublevr - would it be possible for you to take a look at this and maybe consider alternatives? A lot of great strides have been made with AI scripts and it took a ton of work to get there. It would be such a shame for all that work to be met with ill will rather than praise as I think the work SLR have done with AI does deserve praise. There might be a better way.

Heres why Im asking. People that sign up for the subscription understand that AI scripts dont go through QA process, and scripts undergo continuous improvement with new versions. Thats OK, we understand the technology is new. The issue is, it becomes very easy to burn through a 10 script quota on the same videos over and over. If someone with the script subscription has scripts for more than 10 videos out of the thousands on SLR, what prevents them from burning through their quota on scripts for the same 10 videos every time there is an update?

There is real value in the script subscription, but I fear people might not see that value if they have to spend most of their quota like this instead of on scripts for new videos. I ask that you dont make a decision on this right now, but instead just please take this thought away and have a think about it before deciding. Maybe a poll to ask how many would be prepared to pay for updates on AI scripts for the same video, with a request for participants to keep discussion civil.

Historically things like this have gone the same way with lots of shouting at SLR leading to arguments. That cant feel good. I want to avoid screaming matches because I do feel you would be more receptive (like most people!) if people simply ask in a civil manner without shouting at you.

If you could take this away and have a think about alternatives, it would be much appreciated!


If the downloaded AI scripts were cloud hosted under the concept uses that would be ideal as it would immediately address all version control issues. Removing the block on Heresphere would also likely help in this regard, as users would be more inclined to stream than download. For example, I CAN stream, I just strongly dislike DeoVR as an app and have no desire to swap apps to simply watch porn.

As a SaaS hoster of 20+ years, I really don’t quite understand forcing an inferior client as simply removing the block on HereSphere would also help push their desired method of more people streaming and less downloads. Seems to be shooting themselves in the foot but hey…

Sorry to sidetrack, but yeah, version control on the AI scripts is definitely a problem to be solved.


As long as they remain downloadable and editable of course! But yeah way to go on suggesting alternatives. Whether this suggestion is the solution or not, there’s a constructive way of handling this and I think this kind of conversation is a path to something everyone can be happy with.


if we buy a script and download the video, can we use them without a current SLR subscription?

That’s a good thinking. We are working in that direction. Right now everyone is overloaded and we barely can do fine tuning

Correct :+1: