Your favorite scripts by different scripters

What are your favorite scripts? List max one script per scripter.

When I was new to this community I used the list threads a lot to discover great scripts. Let’s help each other out to find the golden nuggets and recognize the great effort scripters put in to share amazing content.


I like 2D slow BJ scripts. Here are some of the ones I return to over and over:


I got too many to count, but let me pick some favs.
I’ve downloaded so many vids over the past year, probably tried 1000+ and reorganized and prioritized my favs. In the end, I got really into POV/Blowjobs and slow videos. - great BJ, pretty fast but she’s cute in this vid. I made slowed down scripts using my tool:
Pixie Bitch’s Sloppy Suck with a MASSIVE Facial¡_MattieDoll_1080p Blowjob Deepthroat {Speed 347} {Speed 122}_modified_60%_top bias.funscript (22.7 KB)
Pixie Bitch’s Sloppy Suck with a MASSIVE Facial¡_MattieDoll_1080p Blowjob Deepthroat {Speed 347} {Speed 181}_modified_90%_top bias.funscript (22.7 KB)

Best vid from Aisha Bunny, Asian babe

This one is a very relaxing BJ vid - you can just lay down and listen to some summer lo-fi music with this: and the music Summer Feelings :shell: Cozy Lofi Beats

This one BJ vid with Aria from MHBHJ is great:

Some good sloppy toppy: good Deepthroat, has a 60fps vid

Hentai nice smooth BJ and riding

SadAndWet’s vids are great because they’re slow and you can last long with them:
A slow BJ vid from MHBHJ which is always great
A great slow paced vid

A good 60fps Deepthroat that’s slow so you can last long:

A recent hentai favorite:
I lowered the speed on my own version by 26% with this tool I built lol, my sweetspot for speed using my internal calculation tool is like 130, which is maybe 100-140 range on
Film13 - 230716 蜜姫配信 Handjob and Blowjob Raibu 60fps {Speed 219} {Speed 135}_modified_74%_top bias.funscript (22.3 KB)

NoodleDude vids are blessed

This vid is absolutely great:
my slowed down version:
Nagoonimation - Yuffie’s Interrogation Techniques (g90ak’ed).funscript (16.0 KB)

Another vid - Linkle (Legend of Zelda character) - - scroll down to see my post of the vid in HQ

Kinda cute latina BJ and my modified script:
Kitty Carrera onlyteenblowjobs HereKittyKitty_s01 1080p h264 Blowjob Deepthroat {Speed 195} {Speed 133}_modified_80%_top bias.funscript (48.4 KB)

Recent good BJ vid

Great POV BJ, slow enough speed to last

Hotttt Asian POV BJ:
My modified script for it:
Raya Steele - Cute Asian Girlfriend Sucks Huge Cock For Cum {Speed 265} {Speed 136}_modified_54%_top bias.funscript (30.0 KB)

Another Nagoonimation great vid with 2B from Nier Automata and my modified script
Nagoonimation - 2b on top nagoonimation 4k {Speed 237} {Speed 130}_modified_53%_top bias.funscript (10.3 KB)

11 Likes by @magoo5289 by @Husky by @torgo313 by @Realcumber
Girl Scout Bella Sells More Than Cookies - Cute Teen POV by @VRnooBie by @comrade420 by @Kirito56 by @addictedyz450f by @Judge by @sentinel

5 Likes by @Zalunda by @Colson by @Nathan681103 by @Ricster89 by @Elblbl by @scrptr9 by @cool69
Savage Girl - Wild Brunette Sucks and Fucks in POV by @bumdude by @Evernessince by @poet145x

5 Likes by @jacecolm by @spaceguy4820 by @jiminycricket

Just to name a few, list not complete!


Is there a site that lets folks rate scripts?

not here tbh you can go by the likes a script has received. if there are lot of likes and no complaints in the comment section that scripts is as good as gold


Some more favourite slow scripts by awesome scripters:

Madison Chandler Blowjob - Only Teen Blowjobs by @doolahrock
DadCrush - House Rules - Lee Ann by @shadowman1490
Teacher of Magic and Veronika Charm Draining Big Cock by @Strylok

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Disclaimer: I’m a huge pmv/hmv enjoyer and I think my picks reflect that haha

Here are some of my go to scripts:



(Edit I just read the one script per scriper rule so I’m gonna remove 2 scripts) whoopsie


I definitely lean towards group scenes so here’s some that I occasionally revisit, only including ones that are free on here:

I’ve left out so many probably these are just off the top of my head


Well, thanks so much for including one of my scripts in your favs… I love that scene and really enjoyed scripting it. I especially liked the climax I remember.

If that sort of thing is your jam, keep a watch out because in a week or so I’m going to post this one, which is a similar two blond MFF scene and is one of my all time favorite scenes. I’ve spent a couple months tweaking the script and will be posting an upscaled / cleaned up version, which this scene has needed for years as it’s a bit older.

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From your works, these are my favs: - I especially liked this recent post of yours. Anything from MHBHJ is usually great.

On the Abella vid, I might have it in a higher quality 1080p version and post it in the thread later.

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Man, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m still fairly new at this and learning as I go. So being mentioned on the same thread as some of the heavy hitters is very much a compliment I appreciate.

That Abella Danger scene is one I’m particularly proud of. It was made difficult by a couple factors: Abella doesn’t really use any patterns and no lengthy sections of a repeated action. It’s like a jazz musician, some of them play patterns that fit the chord changes just fine, others play music from their soul, that also fits the changes. Abella gets all John Coltraine on that shit. Also, a lot of it hits the speed that the Handy has issues with so it became an exercise in learning how to script around that.

I actually have a 1080 version of that scene that I thought I’d posted but now that I look, I did not. I will correct that momentarily as I have a ton of hosting space in my Mega account and am happy to provide a higher res version for the folks here.