Your thoughts on partial scripts - keep to self or share?

hey guys, just to point out there was a thread here asking about partial scripts but its locked now so i couldnt ask this in that thread!

so i have been making my own partial scripts recently as i find it alot easier than doing a full scene seeing as i often skip positions i dont like during a session, so ive started scripting for myself just blowjobs, missionary and cowgirl, all positions where the girl is facing you, i have not posted these as i have assumed they wouldnt be liked very much, so ive decided to at least ask you guys if you actually would like me to post my partial scripts in future or keep them to myself?

i was thinking you may like them as you could fill in the other positions and it wouldnt take you too long to do it, or maybe your like me and only like these positions yourself lol anyways let me no what you think :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone would really have cause to object. If they don’t want them they just don’t have to download them. Just make sure it’s clear they’re partial in the title.


I had the the same thought. I think the community would prefer a partial script to none at all, is what I concluded.

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Of course sharing anything at all is admirable. It may even inspire some other generous creator to finish the script!

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Perhaps, if there are enough of them, there could be a partial script section so people have one place where they can look to see what is available and complete the script.

Just make sure to clearly state if you allow people share a completed script given that you get credit for the part you’ve done of course. I prefer full scripts, but having a partial that can be completed is better than nothing.

Better than nothing :wink:

If you allow people to complete it can only be good

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I’m for sharing them but I would prefer if it would not “pollute” the “Free Scripts” section.

Right now, I added a partial script in my portfolio thread but it’s not easy to find. As a side note, I also thought that, maybe, I was not the first person that took the time to make a ‘personal script’ for that video (Get Gabby Carter), which is kind of depressing.

I wonder if we could have something like a “Community scripts” section. When you would put a script in there, you would need to be aware that people can complete it, offer alternate versions of the original script, etc. I might be thinking ahead too much but we would need to have rules that the initial script needs to have “value”. If not, it might be used as an alternate way to make a “permanent” script request: “I made a 17 seconds script for this 2h video, please complete it”.

Anyway… Just an idea.


I do exactly the same thing as you do. I uploaded my entire WIP Jav folder that has partial scripts in one post. As for what I do moving forward for Jav, they are extremely long and tends some scenes are a miss. So I only script the ones I like and clip them and label them as Clip 1 or “insert position” Scene only. Something like that. And I post the pre-cut scenes script in case someone has a better quality full version or if they want to continue the script. Kinda like what I did here

So as long as things are labelled, feel free to share

hmmm how can we make it easier to handle partial scripts?
Would a ‘partially-complete’ tag work? Or a sub-category?

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I would prefer a subcategory and ‘partially’ tag. This way they are separate and it remains clearer because you don’t have to constantly look/search for the tags between all scripts…
Also, it is then obvious to everyone that this part only contains partial scripts. :+1:
That way there will be no or few misunderstandings with people who look over the tag and think they are downloading a full script…

And then also draw up some rules that it must always be made clear which and how much part has already been scripted. Heatmap required etc…


:+1: for sub-category

awesome thoughts guys :slight_smile: the clear winner is to share, so i will, however the site decides to handle partial scripts is cool with me, i think a sub category gets my vote, that way you no exactly what you are getting when you are browsing the free scripts section and the partial scripts section

also i will make it clear here and when i post them that anybody is free to finish any partial script i post and i hope anybody else who posts them makes that an option too :slight_smile:

made #scripts:incomplete-scripts , added a mostly same template as the free script template

lemme know if you have any feedback


posted some partial scripts, lol hope it gets used alot or it may be a section of forum that only i fill up :stuck_out_tongue:

lets see how it goes :slight_smile:

added the ‘solved’ feature to #scripts:incomplete-scripts , won’t show up on anything that already exists there though I believe.

I think they shouldn’t be shared under the same category with complete scripts. So either keep to self or somewhere else.

Thats why we created the partial script section :wink:

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I hope everyone can/will utilize these tags appropriately especially the partial script tag/section. It just helps everyone in the community even if your are new and/or do not post regularly it still goes a long way to keep things tidy here. Plus strengthens the longevity of the site bc of how orderly it is.

I personally have not edited anyone’s post just out of respect to the OP but have been vocal in the comment section about this a few times so they will in the future.