Your Ultimate VR experience

SexLikeReal is shooting for the stars to provide an Ultimate VR with all the SexLikeReal interactive script the SLR app.

VR videos and sound are going to get better all the time until we get into super high resolution 6DOF spatial experience. In current iteration you can expect 10K SLR custom rig and improved binaurals in May. Also putting a lot of effort to make SLR Originals more realistic and getting aboard all the other VR creators to accomplish variety and filmmaking evolution.

Haptics is super big deal. Using interactive sex toy like Keon or Handy in with VR provides unparalleled experience. You can’t really imagine it until you try it. We are also building SexLikeReal two motor stroker+twist to assure perfect sync. Multi-axis scripts for OSR2/SR6 will be released shortly. Also doing our best to accomplish AI scripts for all the videos where we don’t get craft scripts. Handstracking is a big deal you can enjoy right now.

Passthrough videos is another great thing for Quest Pro and Pico 4 headsets where you can have the action right in your place. We expect major passthrough quality update in mid March even for existing videos. You won’t see greenscreen artifacts any more and greenscreen videos will be converted to black box for non-passthrough users.
Also training AI to convert every video into passthrough.

Multiuser is one of the biggest deals. Right now hundreds of users are watching the same video and we will be adding tools to chat and interact with each other. You will be able to host your private parties and invite people you want. Adding OnlyFans functionality so you can interact directly with performers.
Upcoming “Control my sex toy” feature would be a great addition for one on one interaction. Would be awesome with Live cams.

Finally Build Your Own Journey is coming with public play lists. Can’t wait to implement voice syntesis so you can voice talk to performers in the videos.


Exciting! This innovation is why I love SLR!

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