4k video's only for the handy?

I downloaded a bunch of vr videos that are 5k and mostly 8k because the video quality is much better and I was going to try and make scripts for them myself using JoyFunScripter but am I to understand I can’t sync scripts to videos above 4k? That doesn’t make sense to me at all I don’t see how the resolution would affect the a motor/motions of the handy. Maybe I misunderstand what this is saying. Syncing Local Videos with Scripts – Handy Setup

Also maybe I don’t fully understand how the syncing works I copied and made a lower resolution video to edit and make the script in JoyFunScripter with but my goal/hope is that I can attach the script to the original 8k video when I’m done.

The comment on the link you provided is about the video player on the webpage. It can’t handle h265 (I assume) since it requires hardware decoding. However, the h264 encoding, which is supported, isn’t really designed for resolutions higher than 4K. Most users don’t know details about video encoding, only resolution, and since almost every 5K+ video is encoded in h265 and 4K and below is mostly encoded in h264 it’s easier to write “don’t use more than 4K”. So you are right that The Handy device cares nothing about the resolution or encoding, but the video player does.

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I play the video’s locally on either my PC or quest 2 using Skybox do I need a special video player to sync the scripts to the videos?

You’ll need a video player that has the ability to sync scripts. I’m pretty sure Skybox doesn’t have that functionality. Heresphere is probably the best way to go for VR. Here’s a walkthrough with different options How to use scripts in VR - picture guide - howto - EroScripts

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