A small rant on filesizes

Personally, i pretty much always choose 720p screen sizes where its an option. OK, if im watching it on the 85 inch TV 1080 or 2160 can be worthwhile, but frankly for most of the content here - why? Having hulking great files imho doesnt add to the experience and adds to wait times or with mega causes multiple download sessions.

Consider the internet guys, it already weighs about the same as a strawberry, lets keep it in proportion!


What is the meaning of your post?

It is just your opinion. Personally, if I want pixel I play Super Nintendo.

And again, this forum is not for filesharing, it is all about FUNSCRIPTS.


I mean, most of the threads I’m looking at have a link to the vid on spankbang which is usually decent enough looking with a small file size and then the thread a lot of times has the option of a mega dl for a higher res version. I don’t see many 2D scenes that don’t have a low res option.

You’re certainly welcome to your opinion but I think you’ll find yourself in the minority here. A lot of users here are VR users and believe me, you want the highest resolution on VR.

My contention is this: Upscaling or recoding itself of most of this content - apart from during display is a bad thing. These videos were not mostly produced using wonderful methods. Your display device can probably upscale and reframe realtime as good or better than your pc software, it doesnt really give you much and the cost to people downloading or storing on mega etc doesnt justify the result.

if i was watching 2001 or Avatar or similar i would appreciate a clean 4k source, with far more importantly an insane bitrate, high frame rate, high gamut and minimal digital filtering, but these sources dont justify that - imho.

Respectfully, you are absolutely incorrect in that your PC / hardware rig upscales/reframes as good or better than PC software. I have worked with the Topaz software on my day gig, it’s not very expensive. If you know what you’re doing with it, I have seen footage (non-porn, VHS home movies) be upscaled to look amazing. Yes, the filesize balloons precipitously (and again, if you know what you’re doing, you can finesse this as well) but it’s absolutely worth it, if the footage is valuable enough to you.


What i said is that modern TV hard/firmware upscales [in realtime] as good as and sometimes better than a pc will manage with all the processing advantages of not operating in realtime plus the ability. to process back to front. Given the lack of back to front processing [emotion/movement stuff] in a tv setup [i suppose it could buffer fractions of a second or ??] i remain surprised, but i guess we are simply seeing the efficiency of processing in hard/firm rather than soft plus better management of light levels possible in micro dimming.

I used to work for Disney, so i should add however that digital anything remains inferior still to analogue, even when the source is CGI it can be created at silly resolutions then sent to analogue. The very best tandem 8k digital projectors are still pretty nasty when viewed critically. A show quality [positive/positive process] 70mm movie print viewed in a private no holds barred cinema experience like disneys in house review cinemas remains a different world inaccessible to most. [Well, they were several million a time in kit, and the prints are about 50k a reel] The original high frame rate avatar remains about the best ive witnessed but honestly the completely analogue 2001 a space odyssey isnt far behind. Disney cheat however, all the audio [klipsch] and projectors/screens [sony professional] were specced 1/3 bigger than the standards, the reflective polarized screens were quite something.

Read about how kodachrome film crystals grow/work and are then dyed to understand why its going to be a tall order for digital to catch up for years - still - unless something fundamental changes. Think about an old school 35mm kodachrome slide - projected to 300 inches - no grain at all. Print it to cibachrome and still - nothing.

So if you choose a low res…for…reasons…

What’s the problem? Is it affecting your life in any way whatsoever if there is a 4k upscale of some weird obscure porn clip from the 70’s?

No…it isn’t…and I rarely, rarely ever agree with mAD…but this site is not for video’s.

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Only affects me if the only file available is a 1 hour 20GB file… If the original is available great, people have the choice.


Ya I made a topic a short while ago that was pretty much the opposite. I WANT higher resolution but thats me and it wasn’t a rant just a basic opinion generator on the subject. And if I have to wait multiple downloads then so be it, also a lot of vr and 4k videos recently filmed are very large files so going forward you better be prepared for that. We as a society are not going to keep filming in 720p forever, shit like that doesn’t happen we progress therefore videos are going to keep getting better and larger just like video games/movies/hard drives/GPUs/TVs/cell phones/etc.

Anywho I know everyone says its not a video sharing site (legal reasons mostly?) but over half the scripts I’ve seen come with a mega or google drive of the video being shared to you by someone. And while it’s posted on said cloud service or link it’s done through this website. And almost every single topic most viewed has a mega posted in the topic, coincidence? So I’m not calling the horse a horse but at the end of the day, its a horse, and one that I like very much. But thats another conversation for a different day.


So go find a smaller file size/resolution then…

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Sometimes it just isn’t an option, though. I’ve seen some where its someone that created a compilation video themselves, and then the only upload for it is a 5 gigabyte monster file. And like, it’s super cool that that’s there for the people that want it. My computer is pretty solid though, and sometimes it has trouble playing funscripts with files that large. I personally prefer videos that have a streaming source and a good download source, that way I can check it out and see if it’s something I’m interested in/download a lower resolution version if I want to.

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720p is usually good enough for me as well. When file sizes are too large I just download then downscale with Movavi.

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Hahahaaa. This is great.


Even when using a 1080p screen, 4k video usualy ends up better than 1080p directly. Simply because the compression artifacts will only be a 1/4th of the size. With animated content, this becomes even more clear. For animated video you normaly dont want any artifacts as these will be more noticed.

While for regular video the compression artifacts are far less noticed (the way its compressed is generaly ment for such video, mostly because natural video works better with dithering), i would say 1080p is ideal for a 1080p screen in these cases.

Upscaling such video to 4k is to me useless when watching it at 1080p, you just change the artifact type in this case. And the original source is in most cases better then. Obvioulsy when watching at 4k, the upscale will be better as the 1080p artifacts will be a lot more noticed here.

But in the end, i just prefer a filesize under 5GB for nearly all content (a single mega download without app).


Couple comments/rant back, as I’m one of the main offenders of providing large video files.

  1. This is not a file sharing site. Do not expect downloads to be provided for all scripts. Be thankful for what is provided.
  2. No one is forcing you to download large files.
  3. No one is forcing you to not have fast internet.
  4. No one is forcing you not to upgrade your storage space.
  5. Many of us utilize VR to view content. Additional resolution and frame rate can be a make-or-break distinction for reality and immersion. Watching 1080p video in VR is a pixelated mess. 4K+ content is not really intended for viewing on normal PC monitors (so that portion of your rant is very valid).
  6. Device-level upscaling and HFR’ing is not as good as AI/Neural Net based solutions. They conduct their processing in real time and have to make trade-offs, whereas AI solutions are at least 4-10x slower than real-time and can be tuned for better quality results. Yes, original 4K HFR content is best, but AI processed 4K content is better than original 1080p 24p content in most cases for viewing in VR.

There’s plenty of hub content to go around here anyway. You can pick the resolution you want.

  1. I haven’t seen posts here that only upload upscale hfr as an only source. They usually use the normal sized stuff and when upscalers find something they want, they upload the hfr version as a comment.

  2. You can find your own sources. Thats why theres details. There’s info on duration, title, etc.

  3. A scripter scripts things based on what they already have. If they got a big file size to begin with, its not their responsibility to provide a lower res of the source vid of their choosing.

Idk how other scripters feel but to me, it sounds like entitlement. I don’t blame it if theres an increasing amount of people opting to use the “no-free-links” tag the more people bring up source files. Don’t need this headache.


I agree with all of these points except for 3. I have lived in more than one area where fast internet isn’t available as an option. So downloading anything be it games, movies, music, anything could be a multi-day thing. Possibly longer if there are other people trying to use the internet and bandwidth is another consideration.

Have you seen the fire scripts he puts out? Dude is a saint.

Also, his comment wasn’t whining or complaining. It’s funny… He was basically saying the same what you said here. Not sure why you’re calling him out.

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Ah yes. I’ve been cursed with a bad ISP and no other options as well. Point taken - very valid. You also gave me flash backs to dial up internet, waiting for 1 min for a 320p .jpg of a naked girl to download… Dark times.

Creative solve would be to get a cloud box with a fast connection, download and downscale to 720p on that, and then transfer to local machine.

I have lived that. It takes up to a week to a month to download something. Specially back in the day. But again, why should it be the scripters’ problem to solve? They can’t help everybody. We don’t even know the context as to how they got the source file. They could’ve paid either by piracy or using their money to sub. If they got it by piracy, then it was possible for them to find it. The person who wants a lq size should be able to do so as well. If it involves money, then cant expect em to give it to everyone can we.