A Useful Resource for Compilation and PMV Creators

First off I’m not affiliated with this site in any way. I just thought it would be a great resource for anyone making compilations or PMVs.

I already posted this information over here

If anyone is interested in making their own compilations or PMVs, a great way to find and download content is to go to scrolller.com (that’s with three l’s). Basically it searches and archives media from reddit. Let’s say you want to make a non-stop eye contact blowjob compilation/pmv (and really who wouldn’t want another non-stop eye contact blowjob compilation/pmv?). Search for “eye contact blowjob” and it takes you to the scrolller version of r/BlowjobEyeContact. From here you can access all of the media from that subreddit, follow it, filter by photo/album/video/video with sound, or go directly to the source on reddit. You can also click a “more like this” button to expand your search with similar content.

For downloading media all you have to do is right click “save as” on any picture, video, or gif. You can also click “source” and then download from there.

The NSFW stuff needs a free account. You don’t really need a premium account for much of anything other than to support the site and a few extra features.

Cheers and I hope someone finds this useful!

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You can make compilations from SLR Originals and upload these on SLR.
Working to make it work with all the other producers on SLR so you can pick anything.

We recently aired the first VR PMV TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK - a VR PMV; Huge Harem PMV from SLR Original