Add tag filter for what you don't want

Just curious how many people would like to see a filter for what you don’t want to see in scripts page. Poll down below.

  • Yes
  • No
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Are you talking about muting tags?


I wonder if adding a tag suggestion box to posts, if its possible, would help with that since muting tags relies a lot on the poster and accurate tagging.

Threads with tags you have muted will still show in your notifications if they match a tag you’re following.

I recommend not following / watching any tags. Use the sidebar feature to track down your kinks.

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Why not use “-tags:” in the search to get rid of tags you don’t want to see?


Great link! The mute functionality is buried a bit deep and not really something that I think people would normally stumble on. It may be a good site enhancement to include some type of help icon somewhere in the scripts category which directed users to that post or directly to that setting.


Is there a way to make these those links default to ?order=created sorting? If not, I feel like I’d rather just bookmark a bunch of URLs along the lines of /tag/xyz?order=created (which, incidentally, I do for some tags).

I try to avoid using search whenever possible because it doesn’t have thumbnails.

No afaik. You can, however, make it automatically direct to the “New” tab with a setting in your preferences (“Link to the filtered list”).

Been thinking whether it is possible to make a userscript to achieve what you said… Should be as easy as appending ?order=created to the link.