Adding a scripter-portfolio tag?

I have this simple idea, that would be easy to implement, and I wonder how peoples feel about it.

Here it is:

The idea is that every scripter would be able to add a ‘scripter-portfolio’ tag on a few of their topics. Maximum of ~3 topics (self-regulated). They could choose what they consider their best script, their most popular, or anything other reason they like, and cover the types that they create (for example. one VR, one JAV-VR, on flat). Over time, they could choose to remove the tag from one of their topics and add it to a new topic.

Why this could be useful?

New users could search for this tag to get a nice overview of all the scripters (and it should contain a lot of great and/or popular scripts).

Searching for that tag would still return a lot of results (300?) but a lot more manageable than digging through the scripters index, etc.

They would be able to ‘sample’ scripters to find the ones that match their preference, including inactive scripters. Right now, I might be wrong but, as soon as someone becomes inactive, it’s almost like all their scripts disappeared, because people are not reminded of them from new scripts.

Anyway, I wanted to know if there is interest in something like that.


i wonder if a more simple to maintain alternative would be something like a top scripts of the month or something similar. I think @defucilis was toying with the idea a while back?


Something like this topic?

It’s not exactly the same goal but that could works, if it’s done regularly.

yeah i think he was playing around with automatically pulling out the scripts with the most number of views/links/downloads or something every period of time

Good idea for sure.