Adding script creators and diagram next to the videos

Hey guys
Please suggest
We are making some changes in regards to script creators - Nimbus Capture
What would be the best way to approximate scripts for the best visual effects. Right now I don’t find it self explanatory enough. We can actually assign timecodes for the scripts diagrams like we do it in Slr app.

Anything else worth adding?

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Take a look at ScriptAxis - every script has a heatmap, some kind of intensity index and number of actions:

From what I see you came up with something similar already.

Maybe you could differentiate script icons on videos preview, so people will be able to find faster a script they are interested in:


what does the up and down motion of the heatmap represent?

The part of the heatmap filled with color tells you what part of the dick the script is stimulating at given time, the color tells you how fast the strokes are pretty much. In reality it’s just compacted version of the diagram you can see in JFS / OFS.

Script heatmaps are actually quite useful even to people who don’t use scripts - knowing how much action there is, where it is, and how intense it is can give a nice overview of what the video might be like.

For example, lots of gaps can indicate that the video has more teasing, or more story/scenario-related content. Or a long period between the start of the video and the start of the action can indicate that there’s more story / setup, which some people might prefer (or prefer to avoid!)

@Husky’s suggestion to give a high-level overview of script intensity in the thumbnails is a good one (although I’d still provide the full heatmap in the video information page).
Perhaps not with green → yellow → red colors since that might be interpreted as ‘quality’ or something…plus not good if you’re red/green color blind.
I’d probably go with cyan → purple → pink, for scripts 0-100, 100-250 and 250+.

…also omg @Husky I just realized from that picture that the icon is a fleshlight!
I always thought it was a padlock indicating that interactive content was exclusive hahaha

The indicators were just a loose suggestion made in Paint, it can honestly be whatever that will let you distinguish intensity of the script, pretty sure the site designers at SLR can think of something that will be universal and not misleading. They might as well go for a small letter or some kind of symbol instead of colors.

Now that you mentioned @defucilis it looks like a padlock when not zoomed in :smiley:

How do you guys like script rating option?

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Coming soon to SLR; heatmaps, public profiles for scripters with all the scritps they did


As long as the scripts are supervised by @Realcumber I don’t think script rating is necessary. We all know the scripts will be good.