All my scripts in JFS are inverted

I’ve just released two free scripts recently:

I made these with JFS and honestly they seemed to work just fine when I tested them.

Now recently I’ve been trying to figure out why my latest script just doesn’t seem to be playing properly and I’ve noticed that it seems to be playing inverted. When I open the scripts I’ve made in JFS to double-check, the depth meter vs the action seem to line up.

Then when I load literally any other script, like the ones that I’ve downloaded from here, they all seem to be inverted in JFS, but they play fine in the players that I’m using.

So somehow it seems like everything I’ve made is upside-down? I thought looking at the heatmaps that they were right-side-up.

How does this happen? I’ve been through every setting in JFS and found nothing. In fact it’s pretty thread-bare in general with settings. The only reason I’m using it rather than OFS is because OFS doesn’t seem to support joysticks that aren’t gamepads.

I’ve just been beating my head against this for ages and I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Sure I could just completely flip the way I’m using the software and teach myself that 0 = 100 and vice-versa, but I’d really rather not.

I guess the short-term solution is to invert all the points in the editor but I don’t know how to do that.

EDIT: Okay, so I’ve inverted the points in OFS, and I’ve figured out that apparently according to every one of these, 0 is actually full penetration and 100 is none? Is that right?

Under the simulator name you have this Down / Up / Left / Right box which I guess lets you kinda invert the joystick controls.

Yes, 0 is full penetration, 100 is none.

Okay, thanks, I was aware of the ability to invert the inputs but I am genuinely confused as to how & why the decision was made that 0 is full and 100 is none, but I can move past it I guess.

Anyway, now that I understand that, I see how I made the mistake.

My next question after fiddling around with OFS is how to enable a regular joystick in that program. It seems like a much cleaner, more responsive interface and it has a bunch of support from people making LUA scripts. The joystick thing is the only thing stopping me from using it at this point.

You can check for some Xbox Gamepad emulators, maybe there is one that allows you to map joystick as 360 controller.

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Okay, thanks, I’ll give that a try.

EDIT: I’ll try this: Navigating with Rudderpedals

With JoyToKey you can basicly set any Controllerinput to any other input. If you wanted to, you could even script using a Steeringwheel and/or a Flightjoke.

Position 0 is closest to the motor on the linear actuator or 0% progression. Position 100 is 100%.
It’s a matter of the user interface matching what the software is sending to the hardware.

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Okay, that makes sense I guess, thanks.

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