📣 [Announcement] EroScripts Community Events - The Roadmap

Hello everybody!

I am very happy to announce that we will hold a big variety of community events in the year 2024.

Some days ago I started looking for members to organize and form more community events like we had in the past. The call was heard and 15 members from our community came together. I didn’t expect to find so many people. Thank you so much for joining and helping making this place even better!

Today I want to present you our first roadmap. With that we want to show you an overview on what is planed for the year 2024 and hear your feedback about that.

We are also looking for people who want to contribute prizes for the events.
Either members from the community or companies like Handy, Syncbot or SLR who are active here in the forum. Prices could be coupons, sleeves, videos, scripts, etc. Doesn’t have to be something big.
Please DM me, if you are willing to contribute a price. Thank you!

Please note that events may change in the future. Nothing here is final.

Organisation team is: @Slibowitz @g90ak @GoonerScriptz
Jury team is: @hifushvu012 @tastyseekin +3 more
Helper team: @sentinel @linuxguy +1 more

Couldn’t @ all names, because their Discord and EroScripts names are different.

I hope you are looking forward to that. We are very excited about what is coming up and we will put a lot of work into making this as good as possible.

Our first event will already be hold in the next month. We will make a separate announcement thread for that soon.



Nice initiative guys :+1:

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Let me know if you need help with anything, I’ll help wherever I can. Will try to push for an events section of the site (reminder again) to rest of staff. Myself I’ve been a bit busy trying to find a new job after getting laid off in early December lol


I’ll commit to continue producing participant exclusive scripts for each event.


Just my 2 cents on the subject.

First, I like the idea very much.


I think you already know it but, to get more participation from scripters who only do VR, the theme cannot be too restrictive. For example, almost all good VR Christmas / New Year scenes have already been scripted. It’s not fun to script an ‘average’ 5-year-old scene just because it’s the only one that you found that hasn’t been scripted yet…

My opinion:

  • Valentine is fine since “video from your favorite actress” is really broad (and people can lie: “Yes, yes, that girl that did a single scene two years ago is my absolute favorite actress” :stuck_out_tongue:).
  • Easter is way too restrictive right now.
  • Summer is probably fine.
  • Halloween is probably fine because of the cosplay element, which also fits well with the theme.
  • Christmas / New Year is too restrictive, and adding cosplay is repetitive with Halloween. It would be nice to find something else to ‘attach’ to the theme besides cosplay.
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