[Announcement] - WINNER for the Valentine's Community Event

Hello everybody!

Time to announce the winner as well as the second place and third place for the Valentine’s Month community event. We will also talk about the event in general, the next event and getting your feedback in.

Before we start with the announcement, we want to thank you all for the impressive participation! We got 22 entries! That is so much more than we expected and at some point we were a bit overwhelmed even ^^ Very great to see the interest in this event. We hope we can continue this with the next event.

Another big thank you goes to the whole team. That was a great and constructive work for this event. Everything went really well and the brain storming and making the event was fun. Big shout-out to the whole jury being: @burtreynolds, @tastyseekin, @Midevil, @AlphaT2190, [at]Slibowitz. We had a lot of videos to judge, a lot of different videos, some longer videos, lot of time was needed. Another shout-out to @g90ak for contributing to the prize pool. If you participated in the event make sure to grab the prize, if you haven’t already: Janice Griffith - JulesJordan - Scorches The Screen - Feb Community + g90ak Edition OSR Owner Exclusive Script

Without further ado, let’s announce the winner as well as the 2nd place and 3rd place. For the 2nd and 3rd place, we have two scripters to announce, who share the same points.

If anybody wants to know their place, points as well as feedback on their script(s), you can PM me and I’ll let you know!

1st place :1st_place_medal:

@reini910 with 21 points and his script:
BrattySis - Katie Kush - My Stepsisters Jeans Are Split

This is your first release? Wow! What a great script you delivered. You really put a lot of effort into this script and it shows. Accuracy? Top! Couldn’t be better! Stroke lengths? On point, good lengths overall. Details? Put in and very well executed. Amazing to see a new comer made such a great script. Some tips: Make some of these detail strokes a bit longer. Then they feel more impactful and its more fun. Make sure to stay within the speed limit (~600 units for the Handy). You sometimes had some pauses in the strokes. Instead you can make more “in-between-strokes”. Meaning, instead of a pausing a stroke, make a short slower stroke point in between. It feels more realistic.

For example:


Screenshot 2024-03-10 073830

Instead of:


Screenshot 2024-03-10 073859

You made a great script and I was really happy to see that! I hope you keep going and we will see more from you. If you are looking for more tips, you could check out my video tutorial or the text tutorial from @sentinel.

Congratulations for the first place! Well deserved. Your prize is a video of your choice that I script for you (script will be released for the community). You can pick any video you want. Maximum length is ~ 20 minutes. Please make sure the video is suitable for scripting, meaning the view on the action is not obstructed all the time, since this is making it really annoying to script ^^ Just send me a PM with your video choice, once you found a video :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd places :2nd_place_medal:

@sentinel with 20 points and his script:
Brazzers - Madison Scott - Whenever, Wherever, However

You are in the “business” since forever, I don’t have to tell you much :slightly_smiling_face: Great script, with great accuracy, stroke lengths, details and advanced scripting techniques.
That must have been quite annoying to script. So much non POV section, sometimes the action is even completely obstructed. I would have gone mad if I had to script this. Kudos to you for choosing a more difficult video to script. I would have liked to see longer strokes during the penetration parts. Just to make it a bit more intense. I saw you also had some pauses in the strokes. It’s the same for what I said for @reini910’s script. Maybe instead of pauses, a “in-between-stroke”. Overall a great and high quality script from you as always :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations for the 2nd place!

@charz1060 with 20 points and his script:
[SexSelector] Jewelz Blu - My Brothers Girlfriend

Fantastic script with one of the most favorite actress in the business. I really like your script. Your accuracy is on point, 100%! You paid good attention to details, and there are lot and you scripted them meaningful. You used advanced script techniques and it shows that you know what you are doing. No strokes over the speed limit, good! It really shows you put a lot of effort and thought in the script. You deserve the place on the podium. I only have liked to see some longer stroke lengths sometimes to make the action more impactful. And less pauses, more “in-between-strokes”. Your script is must try for everyone!

Congratulations for the 2nd place!

3rd places :3rd_place_medal:

@Falafel with 19 points and his script:
[Will Be Well] Koharu Biyori.R ~Sweety-Sweet First Experience with Busty JK~

Gonna be honest here: We (the whole jury) were really surprised. We don’t really use animated content so this was new to us. We where really impressed by your script. Timing and precision is on point, very good use of advanced script techniques, good eye for detail, great use of vibration strokes. These patterns you made for the section are great. They are fitting so well. The creampie parts are also well made! These vibrations and patterns are great. Lots of effort, lots of love you put into the script. Fantastic experience! If anybody wants to try something new, go for it. It’s worth it. Awesome script!

Congratulations for the 3rd place!

@qweer with 19 points and his points:
Jewelz Blu - Worshipping Your Cock & Balls POV

How much Jewelz Blu we will like to see? Yes. Fantastic blowjob script! Deepthroat parts are very impressively scripted. Lots of details in this script that you handled really well. Everything fits, stroke lengths are perfect. Not too long, not too short. A pretty difficult video to script, because of all these little details and movements. Everything is very well executed. Only some strokes are over the speed limit. Very fun and great blowjob script with an awesome performance from Ms. Blu.

Congratulations for the 3rd place!

General talk about the event

Let’s talk about the event in general. As already mentioned, we are very happy to see many participants and so much variety in content. We think that comes, because we intentionally let the event theme very open and not restrictive. By that, you are free to script whatever comes to your mind for this theme. We will keep this open style and already talked about that for next event. Expect a theme style like the world PMV games are doing. They just have a very open and vague theme and the interpretation and creativity is up for creators. We think this will be really cool for our events too and we are curious to see what will come out of it.

What also was cool to see, was lots of variety in content. We got VR videos, normal action videos, JOI videos and one animated video. Again, we think this comes because of the openness for the theme. Our goal is to include every creator, doesn’t matter what you want to script, you can submit it for the events. We are hoping to see such a variety in the next events as well.

Of course we are curious to hear what you think about the event. How did you like it? What didn’t you like? Any suggestions? Let us know, we will listen and take your feedback.

AI controversy

Let’s talk about AI and automation tools. Why? Because we saw a lot of (potential) usage of these tools. We can’t say for 100%, but we are 99% sure we saw either completely automated scripts or party automated scripts. To be clear: In no way we will prohibit the usage of these tools for the upcoming events. It’s not like we can control it anyway. But keep in mind: If you use these tools, please for love of the script god, correct the script by hand afterwards. I’ll be honest here, don’t take it personally please, but some scripts were downright awful, because they are automated and not corrected afterwards. Stroke lengths are bad and not fitting, accuracy is lacking by a lot, a switch between positions results in some weird movements, some movements are scripted, that shouldn’t be scripted, details are either bad or very weird scripted and so on. We will recognize this, we see this. We won’t and can’t give any good score for this. See: Why should we give someone high points, when he just automated the script? It’s unfair against the scripters who really put effort in the script and made everything by hand.

To be clear: We are not against the use of these tools. Use them, go ahead. But use them wisely and correct the script afterwards by hand. Personally, I am all up for AI make our scripts and I hope we’ll see this getting better. Scripting takes a long time, is often tedious. If we can get AI make them for us, great! But it’s not there yet. It works, but handmade is still better. It will be as good as handmade scripts one day, but just not right now. I hope it gets there. The sooner the better.

This is a big topic and we can talk about in a new separate thread if you are interested.

Next event

We presented you a roadmap in the beginning of the year. Since the Valentine’s event was such a success, we are committed to continue these events. The next event will start on 1st April, so in three weeks. Formerly we announced it as an Easter Event, but we changed it to be Spring themed event. The announcement will be few days before the 1st April as a little preparation time for anybody who wants to participate.

Thank you again to all participants, to all involved organizing the event and to the whole community making this event happen. And of course congratulations to all winners! We hope you liked it and that you are looking forward to the next event.

See you in the next event!

The EroScripts community event team


Thanks for hosting this wonderful event. Appreciated everybody’s effort!


@Slibowitz I love how you (and your fellow judges) wrapped up the event with this post. Fantastic presentation of winners, discussions and more!

And of course, a big congratz to @reini910 for the winning, and that with a first time release! I’m impressed!


This seemed like an awesome event! I hope that I have a bit of extra time to participate in the next one.

@Slibowitz This is an awesome way to wrap up a community event. Great notes and overall some outstanding advice for script creation in general.


@Slibowitz Thank you for doing such a wonderful job organizing this event, and thank you to everyone who participated!


Oh wow. I didn’t even expect a place inside the top 3 with all the experiencend scripters and excellent scripts that were in this event.

Needless to say that I’m very happy my script is well received here in the community as I just wanted to give something back to everyone since I was lurking around for a long time.

Also congratz to all other people on the podium.
And a big thank you to @Slibowitz and his crew for the organisation and putting effort in the feeback you gave me above.

I’m looking forward to the next event. If my time permits I will happily submit a script there.


Thanks to you and the whole team of organizers and judges for doing the event. And thanks for the kind words and detailed feedback. Looking forward to the next event!


Thank you all for the nice feedback! Happy to hear it was so well received :slightly_smiling_face:

It was really important for the me round the event up with a short reflection. I also wanted to give feedback to the creators that’s why I am offering all participants to DM me for their placement, points and feedback. That is also the reason why I announced the 2nd and 3rd place(s) and not just the 1st place. I think it’s nice to hear if you made to the 2nd or 3rd place. In this event it’s very close with just 1 point difference.

If you create content, and that is what we do as scripters, you want to hear feedback. You want to know what was good, what can be improved and if the script was fun to use. If we don’t get that feedback, we think nobody cared. Ultimately we stop creating content. These events serve as a way to get feedback for your content. Your creation gets attention, it gets tested. We judge it, we give you feedback. You are motivated to keep going, you improve.


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Oh. That’s so much fun and congrats to all involved and winners. :purple_heart: