đź’• [Community event] - Valentine's Month

Hello everybody and welcome to the

Valentine’s Month community event!

This is our first event hosted by several community members. In the last month we were actively working on that event and now we are ready to start.

This event is all about your Valentine, meaning your favorite porn actress or model, as well as any Valentine’s themed video.


This event will be hold from today until the 29th February.


Who is your Valentine? Script a video with your Valentine in it, your favorite porn actress or model. You can also script any video with a Valentines theme in it. Any kind of genre is allowed. You can script amateur, professional, VR, anything animated, PMVs, Cock Hero and so on. No restriction there. For PMVS: This PMV would need to be all about that specific actress / model like a tribute PMV. As mentioned, animated content is also allowed. If you have a favorite animated character, you can script a video of that character in it.

Every user can submit up to 2 videos maximum. Post your entries under the free scripts category and please link your entries in this thread here, otherwise we can’t count your entries. Please post your video that you want to script beforehand in this thread to avoid any double scripts.

Also please make sure that the source is freely available and that it’s possible to download from there in some way. If you can, feel free to post a mega link as well.

Video length

For 2d videos the minimum length is 5 minutes of action. For VR videos the minimum length is 5 minutes action.


The winner can choose a video of his choice that I will script for him (max. length 20 min). This video / script will also get released to the community. In addition, all participants will get an exclusive script made by @g90ak

Rating system

We have a dedicated jury who will test all entries. They will rate points from 1-5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. All given points will be summed up. Winner is the one with the highest points. In case of a draw (very unlikely to happen), scripts will be retested and points will be given again, this time it’s possible to give .5 points. Meaning a jury member can now give 4.5 etc.

Jury members are:

After the event is over, everybody can ask for their points if they are interested. I will announce the winner as well as the 2nd and 3rd place.
I don’t want to make the whole end result public, in case someone doesn’t want it. You can PM me and I’ll give you your final score and placing.


  1. @qweer - My Nymphomaniac Stepmom Luxury Girl
  2. @quickfix - NubileFilms - Sensual Valentines Fantasy Fuck With Hot Brunette Andi Rose
  3. @Falafel - [Well Be Well] Koharu Biyori.R ~Sweety-Sweet First Experience with Busty JK~ (PART 2/2 + Merged Ver.)
  4. sentinel - Brazzers - Madison Scott - Whenever, Wherever, However
  5. Zalunda - VirtualRealPorn - Barbie Rous - Ice lolly are for summer
  6. Zalunda - MilfVR - Olive Glass - Send Nudez
  7. VERTX - VirtualTaboo :rose: Kayla Green - How I Wet My Mother
  8. qweer - Jewelz Blu - Worshipping Your Cock & Balls POV
  9. happymiel99 - Gianna Michaels - Jack’s POV 9
  10. VERTX - RiggsFilms :rose: Angelique Noir - Angelique Noir Gets a Facial / Angelique Noir & Primal Instincts | HFR / UPSCALED / ENHANCED
  11. TheChillPanda - Morgpie - Titjob
  12. TheChillPanda - Eva De Vil - Arrows Of Addiction Cupid’s Hunt
  13. quiffed1 - BabeVR - Charlottes Bed - Charlotte Stokely
  14. charz1060 - [SexSelector] Jewelz Blu - My Brothers Girlfriend
  15. Rubbix - Emily Willis ft. Vanna Bardot - Something Special
  16. reini910 - BrattySis - Katie Kush - My Stepsisters Jeans Are Split
  17. quickfix - Latex Housewives Scene 1 (Venus)
  18. TechnoLizard - [Manyvids] MissNova - How Long Would You Last - Virtual Sex/Femdom
  19. mADsCRIPTS - Brookelynne Briar - Roommate Valentines Day JOI
  20. xaxMrAxax - Lena Paul Big Tit Slut Gets Creampied
  21. ITO_Snake - Sasha Grey scene from Face Invaders 4
  22. ss6speed - JulesJordan - Janice Griffith Gets A Monster Cock Cumshot - Janice Griffith

If you have any more questions, let me know and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

We hope you have fun with the event and we are looking forward to your entries :slightly_smiling_face:

Your EroScripts community event team


Hey thanks for the community effort, but why does VR which takes a lot more time to script for, have a longer requirement length?

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It’s 5 minutes more. It’s not that much. I made the requirement lower for 2d videos, because people, who like to script animated content, can participate. Animated content is often shorter.

Yeah sure… Sorry, but that’s at least 1-2 hours of a difference for me (depending on the quality way more), but at least the explanation makes a bit sense. Good for 2D people or people that already have things in the pipeline I guess.

I also don’t think there many (if any) 5 minutes of action VR videos. They longer anyway if they aren’t cut. And if you think about the whole setup someone has to do for a VR video + script, 5 minutes is not worth the whole setup in my opinion.

Anyway, I changed the requirements to a minimum of 5 minutes as well for VR videos.

Hm? What do you mean? Putting on a headset, starting the app (Heresphere e.g.) is as quick as it could be. Of course if you setup includes handsfree option or other things it takes longer to set up (which is the same for 2D in that case). I would even say that it’s less hassle and quicker because I dont have to open up a program on windows and all. Still confused about the 5 minutes and not worth it part. Not like…you have to stop watching after those 5 minutes or can even repeat the scene in that case (which reviewers should do at all).

Thanks for the change though! Lots of people on here that cut VR scenes to less than 10 minutes too.

Or HER :triumph:

This sounds fun. I hope to remember to check back and see what is being submitted. :slightly_smiling_face:


My choice is obvious, Luxury Girl
My Nymphomaniac StepMom - Luxury Girl


Can always count on you to deliver an amazing BJ script. Thank you for your contribution!

Looking forward to seeing the other entries as well :sweat_drops:

Thank you very much for your entry @qweer!

Let’s hope we some more entries to make this more interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

More is coming :slight_smile:
I plan to post a contribution featuring Madison Scott this weekend.


Thanks for organizing this!

Lets heat this up with a true legend that saddly left the business before making any VR Porn Video sigh:

I claim the too-hot-to-be-true-Sasha Grey
Will script this scene. Number 6 of Face Invaders 4

Spread the Love!


Thank you for organizing this event. I made a script to a Valentines Day themed video



Thank you very much for you entry!

Great to see more videos and scripts are coming.

She was always great to watch. When I was younger and started watching porn, she was one of my favorites. Her videos were great. Looking forward to see some stuff from “back in the days” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will be posting an Emily Willis video, Something Special.

Incase you’re curious.


And I’ll do a script for Ice Lolly scene with Barbie Rous. I still don’t understand why she seems to be only doing VR scenes with VirtualRealPorn so far… Don’t the other studios have eyes? :wink:


I’ll make this my entry: [Well Be Well] Koharu Biyori.R ~Sweety-Sweet First Experience with Busty JK~
Feel free to judge on the merged version (44:37).

Hi-res Preview

How does this relates to Valentine? Well they met and fucked 7 times a night. If this isn’t love I don’t know what it is.

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Is this a valid video?

Theme (cheating) can probably be considered anti-Valentines lol but she is my favorite. I’ve already started on it and I only have time to work on one script rn so won’t be able to finish this and start/finish another one for this event.


Thank you for the entry. There seems to be no available download option for the video if I am not mistaken. Videos needs to be downloadable in some way in order to test it.

Sure, if she is your favorite, it’s a valid video.
Will you script the full version of it? Don’t forget video needs to be downloadable in some way for us.