🏆 [Announcement] - WINNER of the Spring Month Event

Hello everybody!

Time to announce the winner of the Spring Month Event.
Thank you for your patience, all scores have been submitted and we are ready to reveal the winners.

But first of, thank you to everybody who participated. We got 13 entries. I have to say, the quality of the scripts were great. It was a close call and we had many high scores there. Very high quality, great scripts, great videos. We were very happy to see that.

And again, a big thanks to the team. Big shout outs to the whole jury for their effort and making these events possible. Thank you for your hard work, time and effort @Midevil, @burtreynolds and @AlphaT2190.

As we did the last time, we will also announce the 2nd and 3rd place.

If anybody wants to know their place, points as well as feedback on their script(s), you can PM me and I’ll let you know!

1st place :1st_place_medal:

@qweer with 21.50 points!
I am your naughty rabbit - Kate Kuray

You delivered a pretty much perfect script there, which the points show. Max score is 22 and you almost got it. Everything is right from start to finish. Details are there and well scripted, timings are perfect, stroke lengths are perfectly fitting. Everything is perfect, you deserved the first place. If you haven’t tried this script, you are missing out. Of course this is a perfect fitting video for the event. Kate Kuray in a bunny costume, what more can wish for?

One jury member said, that he loves the scripts and can’t wait to try it for a second and third time. He loves the scene selection as well. He would love a version without the extra movements though.

Congratulations for the first place! Let me know what video I should script for you. Max video length is 20 minutes. You can PM me with your choice. I am looking forward :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd places :2nd_place_medal:

@estj with 16,5 points!
Haleyxyz - Breed my Asian Pussy!

We were really surprised by this video. Just by the video choice we didn’t think anything special. But we got surprised by a very good script. You have perfect timings, you scripted the details very well, especially the insertions are well scripted. The stroke lengths are also good overall, but could be bit longer here and there. I especially noticed it during the squat riding in reverse cowgirl, where I wished for more intensity. But the rest was good. I liked it that you exaggerated some strokes. You also put some pauses in the strokes, which I am not a fan of. Try to use some “in between strokes” instead, it makes the script much better.

A jury member thought the same. He really likes the stroke and that you exaggerated the strokes. He thinks that the scripts makes a good time!

Congratulations for the 2nd place! For the 2nd place you also can choose a video that I script for you with a max length of ~ 10 minutes. PM me with your choice :slightly_smiling_face:

@ITO_Snake with 16,5 points!
Sarah Vandella Sucking her Stepson - MommyBlowsBest

What a great blowjob script you made! Great and fitting stroke lengths, good timings, well scripted details. Some deepthroat parts were especially well scripted. Some of them felt a bit of, because there were some too long strokes in there. But the strokes in general are fitting very well! The strokes during the finish could have been longer I feel. It’s a bit too shallow in the end, especially because everything before was so great and intense.
This is a difficult video to script. Lots of movements, lots of details. You deserve an extra round of applause for choosing such a difficult video. Ich kann verstehen, dass du manchmal von der Klippe springen wolltest bei dem Video ^^ Gut gemacht, super script!

A jury member said, that he likes the stroke lengths and especially the deepthroat parts. You did an excellent job of capturing her enthusiasm and intensity. He only would have liked to see longer strokes during and just before the cumshot. It was a bit unfortunate to see 20 + minutes of her going full ham on him and then being able to finish, because the strokes were too short.

Congratulations for the 2nd place! For the 2nd place you also can choose a video that I script for you with a max length of ~ 10 minutes. PM me with your choice :slightly_smiling_face:

3rd place :3rd_place_medal:

@Lemming15 with 15.5 points!
NubileFilms - Hime Marie - Easter bunny fucking

Great script you made! Details are there and well scripted, you made very good use of in between strokes, timings are good. You also scripted the insertion parts well and made it very detailed. Also a great video choice for the event. Some strokes here and there could a big longer to make it more intense where it’s needed. Especially during the penetration parts and the finish. There were also some pauses in some strokes in general. Try to use more of the in between strokes to make get rid of the pauses. Only put in pauses, where really is no movement at all.

A jury member said that he enjoyed the script a lot, but he wished for longer strokes for the blowjob and during the finish section.

Congratulations for the 3rd place!

Reflection of the event

Some reflection of the event now. The event went pretty well again. We didn’t get so many entries as in the last Valentine event, but that was expected. The Valentine event was even more open and pretty much every video could be scripted. For the spring event it was a bit harder to find a fitting video.

I’d like to get some feedback from you guys on this. Do you prefer a very open theme like we had with the Valentine and Spring event? Or you want a more “restrictive” event where only certain videos with a certain theme are allowed? With a very open theme you can pretty much choose whatever you want and make up a reason for choosing this video for this event in particular. But it can also be hard to find something, because everything could fit and it’s overwhelming to choose a video. A more restrictive theme doesn’t allow so much of a creative and free video choice, but choosing a video might be easier, because of the set rules.

I liked to see was the variety on videos again. We got amateur content, pro content, VR content, PMVs and animated content. So there is always something for someone. That’s why we went for more open themes to encourage variety and include every kind of scripter.

Next event

What is next? Next would be the Summer event. It is set for June in the roadmap, but we might go for July, because June is just ~ 2 weeks away and we don’t the community and jury members to burn out from the events. A community member also had the idea to make the event longer from June to July. That is an interesting idea. Summer time always means people will go to their holidays and won’t have much time scripting. Or they have other things to do in Summer rather than sitting at their home and scripting porn videos. If we make the event longer people would have more time to script and they wouldn’t feel pressured in finishing a script fast.

So, what do you think? Summer event from June to July or rather just July?

Again, thank you to the whole community participating in the event and big thanks to the jury taking their time rating all these scripts. We hope you had fun with the events so far and we hope to continue in the future.

If you have any feedback, please let us know. We are very open to any kind of feedback to make these events even better.

Congratulations to all winners and we will see you all in the next event again :slightly_smiling_face:

The EroScripts community event team


Hi, thank you for appreciating my work. And also thank you for the competitions you run, I think this is a great way to stir up the community.
Extending the summer competition by 2 months would be a good idea.

I have a video that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, but never got around to writing a script for. I will be glad if you do this
Riley Reid - POVD.com - My Horny Nurse - 2160p
I will send you a link to the 4k source in a private message.


Congratulations to the winners.

I have tried their scripts and they are top notch. I am looking forward to giving the Summer Event scripts a test drive and to compete again.

I’m gunning for 1st place, so watch out.



Thanks for the kind words and the organization of this event! Hope y’all enjoyed our work and we’ll see you in the next one!

Have a good one everyone!


GG! Keep up the good work!

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Personally, I liked the restrictive theme, mostly because it must be way easier for the judges to compare apples with apples. Of course it is harder to find themed videos but there are so many it’s almost impossible to run out of content. Even though each and everyone have their own preferences, having a restrictive context IMO makes it more fair for the participants.

As per the schedule, I think start of July would be OK for a summer event. Give them summer beach producers time to get their stuff out.

“If we make the event longer people would have more time to script and they wouldn’t feel pressured in finishing a script fast.” - 100%

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Congrats to the winners and participants! Shout-out to the judges as well, can’t imagine testing 13 vids from start to finish.

I think keeping it open would be beneficial for the community, as long as entries that match the theme get points for fitting the theme of the event. This way, those serious about getting first place would be more likely to find a vid that matches the theme, while those interested in getting feedback can still participate.

As far as interpretation goes, I’ll leave it to the judges to decide if the participant was overreaching to justify the theme. 2 months for the event seems like a good idea too.

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I don’t mind the theme being somewhat specific as long as it allows for different types of media to be represented in the videos. Extending the event could let more people participate.

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Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated! You have all made these events so much fun!

Hell yeah, man! I love the enthusiasm! :+1:


Woohoo! It’s very rewarding (if unexpected) to have this recognition, and I really appreciate the feedback.

I worked on this off and on throughout the month, and each time I had a slightly different mindset about stroke lengths (“OK, now I’ve got it figured out.” Next day: “I did that whole section way too big/small and this time it’s gonna be perfect.”), so it’s unfortunately inconsistent in that way. I’d like to improve the quality and consistency of the stroke lengths as part of the full scene script. If you or other judges have additional notes about sections where you thought stroke lengths were good/bad, or anything else, I’d love to hear them if you could PM me. No pressure!

I’ll pick a video and PM my choice in the next few days.

A HUGE thank you to @Slibowitz, @Midevil, @burtreynolds, and @AlphaT2190. You didn’t have to do any of this, but you chose to take some of your time to make the lives of random Internet strangers a little more fun.


Thank you for the video suggestions. I hope it’s okay that it takes a bit, until I can finish the scripts.

For the next event: We took the feedback from you guys and have thought on something different for the next event. There will be an announcement soon, so keep your eyes out for that. I bet this will be something that everybody will like.