🪺 [Community event] - Spring month

Hello everybody and welcome to the next community event - the Spring month!

Time for our second event after a very great and successful first event.

The spring has arrived. The very nice and cozy winter is over and the sun is about to shine on us again. Nature grows again, everything is getting green, people are gathering outside again to various activities, the days are getting longer, animals are seen again and everybody gets horny. Perfect time for another event to take care of the horniness, right?

As the name already suggests, this event will be all about the spring theme. What exactly you may ask. Well, this is up to you. One change we introduce to this event is, that the event theme is very open. You can script whatever comes to your mind when you think about spring.

To give you some keywords as an inspiration: Spring, Easter, bunny, bunny ears, sun, breeding, spring break, sun, eggs, holiday, religious holiday

These are just some keywords to give you a little start if nothing comes to your mind when you think about spring. Everything else is up to you. Whatever you think fits, you can script it. More details below.


The event will start on 1st April and goes until the 30th April.

We are announcing the events earlier from now on so you can already start looking for videos and may already start working on scripts.


Let’s go into more detail for event. As mentioned before, you are free to script whatever video comes to your mind when you think about spring. We want to let you freely choose whatever you want and get creative with this theme. If you want, you can let us now why you chose a specific video and why you think it fits for the theme. It may grant you some extra points. More details in the “Rating system” section.

As in the event before, you can script whatever genre you want. Doesn’t matter if it’s a normal video, some amateur stuff, VR, PMV, animated, JOI and so on.

Every user can submit up to 2 videos maximum. Post your entries under the free scripts category and **please link your entries in this thread here, otherwise we can’t count your entries.

Also please make sure that the source is freely available and that it’s possible to download from there in some way. If you can, feel free to post a mega link as well.

Video length

No restrictions here. Every video length is ok.


The winner can choose a video of his choice that I will script for him with a max. video length of 20 min.The 2nd place now also gets to choose a video as well that I’ll script for him with a max. video length of 10 minutes.

These videos / scripts will also get released to the community.

Rating system

The rating system will receive a little change. The base system will stay. Meaning every script gets rated from 0 - 5. But in this event, the video choice will also be judged, but only as a benefit to the creator, never as a disadvantage. For example: If a jury member thinks you chose a fitting, cool video and you also explained well why you chose this video for the event, the jury member can give you 0.5 points extra. Meaning if the script was a 4, the jury member can give you a 4.5 because of your good video choice. It also means the maximum score is 5.5. This system will never be to your disadvantage. The jury can’t subtract 0.5 points, if the member didn’t like the video choice.

With this system, we like to encourage you to get creative for the video choice. We are really excited to see how this will work out and what videos we will see.

In the end all points will be summed up. Winner is the one with the highest points.

For clarification: If you submit 2 scripts, the points of the 2 scripts don’t get taken together. Every script is counted as one individuell script, even if you submit 2 scripts. Every script gets its own rank.

Jury members are:

After the event is over, everybody can ask for their points if they are interested. I will announce the winner as well as the 2nd and 3rd place.
I don’t want to make the whole end result public, in case someone doesn’t want it. You can PM me and I’ll give you your final score, placing and feedback on your script/s.


  1. quickfix - Spring Event: blonde with big tits seduced a passerby and fucked him in the forest Anastangel

If you have any more questions, let me know and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

We hope you have fun with the event and we are looking forward to your entries :slightly_smiling_face:

Your EroScripts community event team


Two more days until the event starts!

Have a nice Easter weekend everybody :slightly_smiling_face:


Event is up by today!


This is my submission for the community spring month event, thank you for organising.


Why did I choose this video?

The sun is shining, the trees are green again, so it is the right time for a walk in the woods and some fun outdoor activity.

I did take the feedback from the last event into account, hope you like it.


Thank you very much for your entry :slightly_smiling_face:

Thread can now be found in the new Events category. This category will be the place for all future events from now on.


Alright here’s my (hopefully) first script for the event.


I think it’s pretty obvious, but I chose this video because it features two lovely dark-skinned bunny girls that also double as chocolate easter bunnies. Bonus for the maid scenes cause I think that fits with some spring cleaning.

Hopefully it’s ok to post a multi-axis script, I tried to keep the main axis in mind for single axis devices.

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