Anonymous shopping experience with Gumroad

I was contacted with this question and I like to inform everyone who may not want to buy scripts due to personal data considers or references to sexual content.

:one: The Seller don’t get your personal data if you don’t want to.

  • You don’t have to use your real e-mail-address for a purchase. I recommend it, because of the long time access to once downloaded / bought scripts over gumroad if you have an account at gumroad.

    If you don’t want to use your e-mail-adresse, there is a simple way. Please don’t do things like random choose gmail adresses or something else. If your “random” choosen e-mail is already in use, a pure user will be spamed to death.

    Instead use this service where you can generate a temp e-mail-address:

  • You don’t have to enter your name, address or something else to purchase at Gumroad.

  • What personal data is the seller get from the purchase, maybe from the credit card service?

    Not much, just the e-mail and country where the buyer is from. Nothing from the payment service you use. This is the screen of my seller / purchaser overview at gumroad:

:two: The receipt / the entry in your credit card overview is neutral and not related to sexual content

  • Gumroad is a creator space and funscript are just a very little part of it. No one will suspect, that you bought a sexual content related item.

  • If you purchase in my shop or from others thats how your credit card accounting looks like:

    You see? Nothing suspicious.

I hope this helped. :vulcan_salute:

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