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Any NFT/blockchain potential for scripts?

Just thinking as everyone gets crazy about it

Edit: there seem to be more reason why not to:

NFTs are grifters grifting grifters while killing the planet in the process.

Let’s just not.


Any details? I barely have an idea how it works. We do get requests though

Please don’t. I don’t really see how you want to make a script unique other than adding some random strokes. Sure, few people might be interested, but most will see it as some sort of scam anyway.


I’ll let YouTuber ThoughtSlime do it for me, as they have done so in much simpler terms than I was managing:

NFTs have no real utility. They don’t do anything. They’re just a thing you own, and that ownership itself is meant to be valuable irrespective of whether the thing you own is something anybody would actually want. It’s just a note that you bought into a shell game at a particular time, that hopefully, you can sucker someone else into buying later for more money. Some people will, but the majority of people will lose their shirts.

That alone would just make it your typical get-rich-quick scheme.

You’d look at it and say “Caveat emptor, I guess.” What makes NFTs so especially heinous is their environmental impact. The enormous energy that is required to sustain the technology which powers them, being extracted at the exact moment that we are hanging on the edge of utter climate ruin. It’s like it was engineered to be the worst possible thing for the human race at this particular moment in history

Notably, the “ownership” they’re talking about there typically isn’t even of the content the NFT is ostensibly for, but a pointer to the content contained in the blockchain. And most don’t even make any sort of attempt to involve the creators of the content they’re pointing to.


just no. Fuck nfts


screw NFT’s, would ruin it


I don’t see much benefit to having NFTs in this space, I agree.

However, the benefit I do see doesn’t involve any uniqueness in funscripts.

I believe that NFTs can be used to create a marketplace for digital goods that are not unique.

It isn’t going to be something that most existing marketplaces for digital goods would want to allow.

NFTs could allow digital goods to be truly owned by the users, granting all the rights of physical ownership of a good.

Buy a digital good, like a copy of “The Matrix”, and then resell it later, legally. Most folks who want this functionality just pirate the data. NFTs could be used in a manner that might help some folks move away from piracy.

I doubt any existing marketplaces would want this. But it is where NFTs could shine.

The way NFTs are currently being used is absurd and should be avoided.

Current NFT market is cash grab with smoke and mirrors.

What could have been a good idea, is poorly implemented, and used to scam people chasing the next big thing since bitcoin/ crypto surge. The person that generally profit the most, is the person minting them. And if you have content, plus any significant following, anything can be flogged.

From my understanding, what you generally own with NFTs are URLs encoded on the block chain, with no guarantee the content will stay up online, nor always full control of what happens to the content.

Promises of future profits, while the early investors hog all the profits. Smells almost like a ponzi scheme.

There is a reason many major gaming published that propose this scheme, gets backlash from the community recently.

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It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think it’d actually help that much. Certainly not enough so that I want anything to do with NFTs as a script producer or as a consumer.

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I don’t think NFTs would mean anything for a .funscript, much like they really don’t in reality mean anything for a .png or a .jpeg. That being said being able to link a token to a portion of the decentralized web and sell it is no joke, basically a deed to virtual real estate.

Just needs to find it’s market, but no porn and scripts probably aren’t that : )

I would not engage with any organisation that combines NFT technology with their scripts. Please don’t do it as I very much enjoy my SLR subscription, cancelling it would be a great shame.

An NFT is just a treasure map and gives no ownership to what would be considered the treasure. The idiots spending tens of thousands of more on pixel art don’t even own the art. All they own is a URL in the blockchain that points to a piece of art with no guarantee that it will always do so. There are already NFTs where the host of the linked file didn’t renew their domain causing the URL to go to nothing. Worse yet, the new domain owner can put anything in the path of links on the blockchain including malware, hate speech, or other illegal content.

Even if you do somehow find value in a URL in the blockchain, the blockchain is public. Everyone has access to the URL you purchased the same as you. There is already a torrent out there of every NFT on the blockchain. If you have 17 TB of space, you can download the whole NFT market and possess everything that has supposed value. It’s all a big scam on what has value and it will only last as long as the ignorant keep feeding it. The bubble will burst when educations and understanding eventually wins out.

Looks like the survey was very much conclusive 🤷

and 100% wrong.
NFT’s have many use-cases and utility, already being adopted by the music industry. From what I read here, people only know of one usecase, the one that has no real value imo. So I don’t blame them for thinking they are useless. But I don’t want to make the doc public I sent you recently.

People can’t copy your script if they never even get the script in their hands in the first place. Which you can do with NFT’s. Hell, scripters don’t even need to share the actual script with SLR and still have it work with SLR. You would need to record the movement output of the toy to get an approximation of a copy. Like recording a cinema screen with a handheld cam.

You can even make elections tamper proof with NFT’s and have each vote recorded accurately. (I said CAN, still depends on how it’s actually designed.)

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100% wrong… :roll_eyes:

Come on, that’s not helping your argument

You would need to record the movement output of the toy to get an approximation of a copy. Like recording a cinema screen with a handheld cam.

The copy would be the exact same as the script, where would the loss be ? Your comparison is misleading.

I’m just being honest. It’s not like I haven’t looked into this already with some people who already are involved with VRporn, toys, coding… (outside of SLR, sry Double :stuck_out_tongue: As an exploratory idea.) And this was one of the concerns raised.

So you would then also agree that making scripts with how things are right now is pointless and has no value?

i’m sharing all my scripts free of charge anyway so i don’t really care about that. The value i get is my hope to that people will get a good time using my scripts.

Trying to battle piracy by making this hard for the pirate or creating a ownership of a digital good is a lost cause.
Legal platform need to make access to the goods a lot more convenient to customers than piracy (and that’s actually the case right now) and make it worth something for the creator.

NFT and Scripts will only be an hindrance for users ready to spend money. Pirate won’t care.


Piracy would just be a small part of the functionality. But why not include it while you’re at it.

I apreciate you give away your scripts for free, but I was trying to make a point. Everything is being pirated, but Netflix and other media platforms (incl VR porn) are still making a lot of money. It’s actually even easier to pirate video.

I actually even believe piracy is doing more good than harm. People come into contact with stuff they otherwise wouldn’t, then end up paying for a service. You’re actually really paying for a service now rather than the content. It’s more important to have the NFT’s only work within your ecosystem in function of competition rather than piracy. This ecosystem thing goes pretty deep, too much to go into and like I already mentioned earlier, it’s not an idea I want to make public :slight_smile: