Any sleeve improvements you can think of?

Just curious if there’s something we can improve with current sleeves in terms of size, material, texture etc.

We are thinking of a silicone one, up to 10cm tall easily washable with different textures moving within adjustable 12cm range.

Context: Getting further with SexLikeReal interactive stroker toy. Supporting existing sleeves sounds like a good idea.

Some kind of hook or loop system built on the outside of the sleeve to connect it more securely. Only issue i have with The Handy is my junk pushing the sleeve out of the strap.


something that allows you to lube while in use


Not a lot of mouth sleeves on the market, which is odd to me considering the Handy is marketed as a blowjob simulator. I’m not sure if the manufacturing is possible, but I think webbed lips would be pleasurable unique feature. Strong enough to pull the mouth closed, but loose enough to allow insertion without causing ejection.


the handy shop has the dream sleeves , mermaid sleeves and the original strokers …
i have the dream sleeves (dream sleeve touch and dream sleeve lips, dream sleeve lotus) , mermaid sleeves (coral) the original strokers (extra truegrip V1 , Extra truegrip V2 , open ended soft and open ended medium) also with the new truegrip band you can mount a quickshot with no problem of damaging your handy or the quickshot.
grtz damon

Im down for the mouth sleeve but that webbed hand pic is going to give me nightmares lol


I think making it work with most popular sleeves would be a key for us. What are those other than Fleshlight?

Will also come up with specs so everyone can make these

Silicone is fairly expensive compared to TPU or TPE and is not easy to get just right. Degassing is a pretty vital step to consistent and expected results and is not something the general public is capable of doing. If it’s something you intend to do and distribute out, then sure, go with silicone but be open about the expected costs of using it. It yields a great product with a clean, durable finish that is pleasant to touch. Typical silicones are also nearly impossible to cure with 3D printed materials unless you do some serious post processing.

One of the lower temp, high plasticity TPEs (much like many sleeves) is cost effective and very easy to work with. A bit of hot water, a plunger, and a mold and voila! You have a sleeve for just a few dollars. It won’t be perfect if done with DIY materials, but the cost and ease of use will make up for the shortcomings.

One thing I would like to explore once I get back to this project is mixed media casting to get different textures with different pressures and depths.


Which one’s your favorite?

the touch and the mermaid coral because it’s open ended so easy to lube up , the original is actually too small for me

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I have a few thoughts, firstly its possible to cast a sleeve in multiple steps, which means you can use different hardnesses for a lot more interesting sensations and looks by using colours. EG make the ‘bumps’ harder or effecively have embedded elastic bands encased in more jelly like sleeves, Ive seen this in fantasy dildos and urethral sounds. Definitely a game changer.

Open ended doesnt have to be messy, you only need a small hole for air or have the opening at the edge not the centre to reduce mess.

It seems that the very soft and thin sleeves work best, given the action they see. Heavier textures on these are good, as theit softness makes even daunting looking shapes actually pretty soft.

Lastly, HANDY are going to have problems of their own making, and competition is going to be great for some suppliers. They currently charge 40! euros for just delivery, which is ridiculous.

Lube and warmth are the two biggest features lacking - probably because it’s not simple to solve. Been thinking about it, it might be easiest to solve both together, by heating the lube instead of the sleeve, and having a pump attached via something like an IV tube connected to the tip/top, so it can provide a steady drip-down. You can then add a button for “gush”.

A few features that i think could be nice on sleeves (some of which were already suggested before):

  • The ability to attach a vibration bullet to the sleeve (which can work for a variety of sleeves).
  • A sleeve with estim nodes built into them.
  • A sleeve which has a valve or connection system added to the top. This connection then could for example be used for
    • A 1 way valve to force only air out and create a stronger vaccuum.
    • Connecting something to add lube
    • Or just connecting it to a pumping machine to have both a vaccuum, or excessive air (to vary between sensations even more). Some machines can do this quite nicely without being excessive.
  • A sleeve that has a very big chamber at the end (to still be a closed sleeve, but act more like an open ended one). Open ended sleeves have the clean up part as their primary issue (as in, its not just the sleeve you need to clean up) so this might resolve that.


Open ended are great, but I don’t use them for this exact reason.

Two things that i totally miss on the market:

  1. Sleeves in cases with adjustable diameters to increase or decrease friction. Silicon is strechtable but the damn plastic cases not. Most sleeves are too tight for my taste in the supplied cases.

  2. A toy shaped like a hand, with adjustable fingers. Like the manicure schooling hands just more softer with stronger joints.

I only use Fleshlight Quickshot sleeves. The only prob is, they are too short. If they were twice as long and the case diameter would be a little bit bigger or like I said, adjustable. That would be great. The adapter to put two Quickshots together is not a good solution for me.

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The problem with the 2nd thing is that fingers are generaly fragile, even if reinforced with some iron wire (which unlike most plastics can at least retain the shape after you move the fingers). I dont think this is going to work well with something like the handy. The movements are simply too violent for that.

If tension has to be adjustable, you can most of the time use tie wraps for that (some of them have a release button - just search for reusable tie wraps). The end point that sticks out can usualy be put aside with some regular tape (or some other methods).

The cases themselve (note i mean alternative cases, not the stock quickshot ones) often have issues because they can easily slip out the grip, or are too bulky in general. An extra wide quickshot case would do a lot though. But then the issue is how the sleeve would ensure itself to remain sturdy in the case itself. Using a tie wrap here is an easy and effective diy solution.

But ofcourse, an out of the box solution would be better. But im afraid that since they are competing companies that this simply wont happen.


The tongue is mounted to the handy over the slider. The ring is mounted to the slider.


…i use a really thick sleeve, with nubs all over the inside. The sleeve is so thick it doesn’t deform when it moves, instead it creates a vacuum at the tip. It’s a nice compromise between a squidgy traditional enveloping sleeve, and a big old solid fleshlight. I’ve tried various squidgy sleeves, like the ones from Handy, they’re… alright… but they’re really only a warm-up, big heavy thick walled sleeves for the win in my opinion. Yea, i also have a suction machine as part of my setup, which is why i have this sleeve, but my point is that even without using suction, the thick walled sleeve is far more pleasurable than the squishy deformative one.

If one could cast a thick sleeve with a solid band around the outside of it, where the Handy band holds the sleeve, then that would remove some of the pressure from the base, allowing a more natural feel, like the fleshlight, but maintain the weight advantage and the suction of the thick walled nubby sleeve…


Simply a piece of plastic or metal in the lips that holds them closed. Like a zip lock bag shape (the zip bit) but being hard plastic or metal they will want to snap back to flat.

Also that hand… Jebus…

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Please post videos if you decide to try casting your own sleeves.