Any tools for instense scripts to soft?

Is there any tools to make slow down intense scripts?
The intense scripts is good but too noisy for me Even if I lower the max height of the handy

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Fun Expander is the tool you want, it can limit speed, Great tool.
You can also use it to speed up existing funscripts or increase or limit stroke length too.

New Version (2.5.2) - 2022-04-11:

More INFO about Fun Expander…

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OFS has the special functions window. The simplify method can also assist at removing the vibrations, and can even simlify the movement to be a plain up/down without smoothness. As it shows a direct result on screen it can be a quite convenient way to reduce them.

But in the end, no matter which tool you use, they are rarely perfect and will need some manual fixing. Just because scripting style can matter a lot at how effective these tools are.

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This is what the halver modifier in is for :slight_smile:
The idea is that it turns every up+down stroke into alternating up and down strokes. So up-down-up-down becomes up-----down------. Keeps the cadence correct so it still lines up with the video, but halves the speed and intensity c:

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Halving doesnt work for normal videos, since it doesnt keep the up/down in sync, it instead will make each up or down action in the video be merged into a single up or down action. Making it look like the entire video is no longer in sync.

For full stroke based CH videos halving works fine, but outside of that it rarely does a good job. Its most of the time more effective to just restrict the movement length to 50% on the handy in that case.

And as he said ‘noisy’, that indicates vibrations/bouncing or smoothened movements (the extra mid points can make strokes a bit faster, where a completely linear stroke would be more gentle). And vibrations are already a big complaint in many scripts as a lot of people already find them over intense or distracting.

Still, just in case its always good to mention these tools. As we cant see which videos he was refering to.

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Maybe it’s just my personal preference, but I never had any issues with the videos feeling out of sync, my brain quickly gets used to the idea that the stroke intensity will match what’s on screen, just not the objective position. I actually made funhalver in the first place so that I’d be able to get through a whole VR video :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah I take your point, I missed the part about it being noisy. There was an interesting discussion regarding extra points the other day and how it causes that unpleasant jitter. I imagine that future devices might have more powerful + responsive motors that make it less of a problem.

I was thinking about whether it would be possible to make such a tool, but there are always going to be edge cases and I’m not sure it’s possible to tell where the line should be drawn between points that should be smoothed, and points that should represent an intermediate stroke… :thinking:


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