Any way to script using joystick in OFS?

I’ve tried using JFS to live-record the action, and that method seems way better than anything I’ve tried, but the interface is way too laggy and inconsistent - and it’s nothing to do with the videos or my system. I run a 3070ti and a Ryzen 5900X, and I use funexpander to reduce latency too.

Using OFS is so much nicer, more features, better controls, and most importantly it’s smooth and responsive, so I can actually tell in the playback when the movements are synced. Seems like that should be a prerequisite for any software that does this job tbh. The only problem I’m having is that I can’t find a single method to map joystick controls directly to live recording.

I’ve tried using OFS to clean up the scripts I’ve made but it’s infuriating because the latency jumps around all over the place and it can be hard to figure out what actions were even supposed to map to what.

Does anyone have any lua scripts or anything that can do this job?

Alternatively, I can program, does anyone know if there’s a way to write a script to do this job? All I really need is the right APIs and I imagine it’s a simple job, just map the joystick axis to the script movements.

OFS doesn’t support joysticks, but there has been suggested that it might be possible to emulate an xbox-controller. Read more in this post and the ones after:

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Great, thanks, I’ll look through this. If it can solve my issue then I’ll mark this as the answer.

It’s not quite clear to me though just how to map an xbox axis to a scripting action, I don’t see anything in the options of OFS that would allow that. Again, I’ll look into it.

I’ve never set it up myself so I’m just giving some pointers that you might or might not have missed.
In the menu Options > Keys you have two sections, Actions and Controller. You can map buttons and sticks on your controller there.

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