Anyone else find this to be true too?

I like to think I’ve done my due diligence in searching but is anyone else truly taken aback by the almost complete and utter lack of interracial (specifically black chick, white dude) cum swallow videos? Sure there’s some (namely the “black girls swallow too” videos) but it’s all the same like 2 or 3 chicks. I’ve also noticed they don’t do much in the way of taboo or BDSM stuff either. Just for validation i decided to look up if there’s the same discrepancy the other way around (black dude, white chick) and there isn’t. It’s a veritable interracial “pornucopia” when black dudes are involved. Is there a reason for this?

Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Lol


Look up old school star marie luv.

Is this only related to videos with scripts or in general?

Maybe I live in a bubble. But it feels like 75% of porn is with european / caucasian performers. From my site I totally miss uncensored porn with japanese women and more content with latinas.


Not just with scripts, in general. Like with porn as a whole. (No pun intended lol)

Yes, sadly mainstream porn is racist as fuck.


We can get some of that for upcoming SLR Originals series



Variety is definitely is something that I like. Either WMBF/BMWF would be appreciated.

@ThankGod4Porn Hope she sees this bro.

I’m a fan of Anya Ivy, Ariana Ames, and Nicole Bexley. I know Anya did an MHJHB video, so I can script that if you’re interested. The others you to send me some links to what you want scripted… But I know what you mean with the main producers, from an ‘indie’ standpoint, there are a lot of POC amateurs who love sharing content on PH, OF, or MV.

It’s a fetish of sorts. Vixen (Or whoever owns it) even created a separate site called ‘Blacked’ dedicated to non-black (So white and asian) getting drilled by a black man. I think it relates to the big-black cock fantasy, and I’ve even seen some people into it from a cuckold fetish. But there are major racist undertones to this… But I’m not gonna’ go into that. Let me know if there are any videos you want scritped with a black female.

Here’s a link to the Anya video I mentioned, do you want it scripted?

There’s also this video;

The Ariana Ames content I have is all paid for videos off of Manyvids, so I can script them, but only if people have the videos/will buy them. I won’t use them, so it’s only if others want them.

There’s also Kira Noir who I believe does some femdom stuff… When you say BDSM, who do you want as a the sub and the dom? Are you into femdom, or maledom?
For example, here’s some of Kira being a sub;


Not everything on this world is racist. Porn actors / genres are a matter of taste.

Do I have to drink beer if I don’t like the taste? Nope…

Nobody in this whole wide world stops any skin color or origin from using onlyfans, pornhub or similar to sell homemade porn. The big publishers have to produce what sells, otherwise they go broke. Supply and demand is one of the simplest rules in capitalism.

That’s one of my favs MHBHJ (with Anya):
(It was on pornhub, but sadly not anymore)

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True, but I don’t mean intentional racism, I mean as a more subtle discourse - I’m looking at it very deeply. For example, black men are often portrayed as savage animals, who practice deep, violent sex. This can be traced back to when black people were portrayed as animals during the times of segregration/slavery. Interracial relationships were a taboo. The idea of a white woman being dominated by a black man was a taboo (And if something is a taboo, then people want to try it!), so it developed as a sort of fetish; black men dominating white women. Some women into being a sub will enjoy that content (And obviously black men watch porn, so they get represented; win-win to producers). Now, this is partial speculation from me, I haven’t conducted research or a deep analysis into the history of porn and race haha, but from what I know, and some more recent things I’ve learnt, this is what I think might be the case. I did a cursory search on Google Scholar for articles about black men in porn and how they’re portrayed (Most of it was about black women), but from what I gather, the consensus appears to be that they are presented as more aggressive than male actors (Exceptions to the rule apply, such as extreme BDSM sites).
Anyway, I’m not trying to argue, in fact I find it really interesting how porn reflects some views in society in a way that is more honest than other media. Not saying people are racist, just that there are racial roots in what I’ve discussed.

EDIT: Not shaming anyone for liking interracial porn, like I said, I like a couple vids myself. Nor is anyone here racist for liking it. Want to make it clear that I’m not arguing, I’m just discussing something that I find interesting.

Damn, I remember this one. For some reason the video won’t play :frowning:
But it works for me on this site; Anyas edging huge orgasm control Anya Ivy, Fimevina - PeekVids


I’d like it scripted. I prefer the one where she swallows in the PH link because I also like Black girls who swallow. Actually I just like swallowers, and I like all of the MHBHJ stuff.


The one titled ‘Anya’s Oral Creampie’? I can download it, and get to work later today :+1:


Hell yeah brother! :facepunch: That’s the one! :+1:

That’d be great thanks! Also I’m a sub so anything where the chick is the dominant one is good for me xD

For those that think it is just business.

Look up Howard Moskowitz

He is one of the most famous market researchers and a psycophysicist. One of the premier consultants that made/assisted into making Campbell, Kraft, Prego and to a lesser extent PepsiCo into household names today.

What really made him famous was while working for Prego which at the time was a struggling in the tomato sauce business. He coined the saying “There’s no such thing as the perfect sauce, just perfect sauces”

He was hired to make and market the best sauce that everyone would like but in his market research he found that in doing so you alienate a population of customers that was untapped and make it less likely for people to enter the market itself.

Suddenly people started switching to prego because they had something for everyone and even people that were not tomatoes sauce buyers (AKA people who made their own sauce) entered the market because Prego made exactly what they were looking for.

Hopefully someone in the industry sees this because long term it can be advantageous. It is not racism or at least intentional but an untapped market that is right under your nose because you were looking for the best sauce when it does not exist!


Some models to check out;
Ana Foxxx,
Kaiya Rose,
Demi Sutra,
Kiki Minaj,
Cali Caliente.

If you’re also looking for Asian or Indian femdom, I can name a few.

Anyway, I’m working on that MHJHB video, still a bit to go aha.

  1. Skin Diamond
  2. Harley Dean
  3. Leilani Leeane

Recommendations. Especially 1. Skin Diamond
Evil Angel has some good videos with1 & 3.

I find skin diamond to be a cum dodger. Which is no Bueno for me.

Yes, and yes lol I’m just bored with white chicks. I wanna taste the rainbow! Bahaha