Are the Premium Scripts worth it?

I love the sh*t out of this site and what an excellent resource it is. And this is based purely on the “Free Scrips” section of the message board. So this makes me wonder: what are the paid scripts like? Anybody have any experience they can share there? I’m curious why someone would pay with such excellent free stuff. I assume a good bit of it is showing appreciation (which I totally agree with) but other than that I’m curious what the paid scripts having going for them that these free ones do not.

Thanks in advance.


not very different just costs money no difference in quality better off making your own script than spending the money but it depends on if that money is worth less or more than the time it would take to script so usually I use tools to make scripting more automated or take less time or both to make it faster like script bottom and have the program fill in the top points or a plugin that can track movement for 2d hentai scripting etc.


for the most part paid scripts commissioned scripts are very good in quality if the scripter has a good track record). for patreon sub sites you can get a gauge of if you like that kind of script style or not (they usually have some free scripts that let you decide if they are worthy of your money).

like said above you can start to learn the art of scripting. only thing is that making good scripts take alot of time to get right

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I’ve only bought a couple and they were very good quality but not better or worse than the high quality free scripts that exist, I’m sure there are some stinkers out there too whether they’re free or paid. It’s up to the script creator to set that, and it’s up to you if you want to buy something or not. If I see a scene that I really like gets scripted and it’s a paid script I’ll buy it. Sure you can go the route of making scripts on your own too but that depends on how you value your time, spend X hours scripting a 60 minute video or pay a few dollars for it already done.

TLDR: They’re not necessarily better or worse than the free scripts it’s just how the creator wants to value their work.

My short answer is, yes.

I use a lot of free scripts, I buy several scripts each month, and I have subscriptions to sites which make scripts available (whether for download or for online use). The scripts that cause me the most trouble are the free ones that come with a membership (for example – CzechVRNetwork, BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX, 18VR, etc.). Some of the scripts on these sites are good. Some are not. And when I encounter a “not good” script, it is most frequently one of these.

When it comes to “Do I buy this script?” the question I often ask myself instead is “How much do I want a script for this scene?” For a variety of reasons, if a script already exists for a scene (whether free or paid), it is unlikely that someone else will script it.

That’s my $0.02.

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Paid scripts are NO GUARANTEE of quality. There are many scripters that post stuff for free that are incredibly talented, and many scripters that post paid scripts that are basically baiting people with shitty scripts and walking away with money.

As a new member - before you get to know which scripters are good and which ones are bad, I’d recommend staying away from paid scripts that do not have at least 1-2 reviews OR if the scripter has posted prior work that got good reviews from reputable board members. Remember “thanks for the script” is not a review :slight_smile: Look out for feedback talking about the script’s accuracy, timing, etc. And to flip this all on it’s head - don’t be afraid to post your own reviews of free or paid scripts. It helps the community as well as the scripters.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is basically how I thought things would be.

Does anyone have recommendations on paid scripters that they like and trust?

This is simply off the top of my head - I’m hesitant to even post this small list since I know I’m forgetting others.



thanks for the shout out. I do try to not have anyone feeling swindled lol. takes me longer but its worth.


shbek’s scripts are usually top quality, so you know its good, regardless if it costs money or not =)

Add @Polt to the list as well, and @flowerstrample.


Thanks for your confidence, it’s a pleasure. Although I have never considered and do not consider myself a scriptwriter - more of a researcher. I am in the stage of building my sex robot (Stewart platform + math on quaternions) and I take patronage in perspective.

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Most of the paid ones are mostly the same quality and some rare users on here are a little ahead with their scripts. It really depends if someone wants to make money or not I guess? For me I only post free ones cause that whole community thing is in my opinion a thing where everyone should just exchange scripts on here, but without the paid ones some videos wouldnt be scripted at all so there is that. It’s a matter of “Do I script it myself or save a few hours for 4$?”

There are a ton of great free scripts so I get where you come from, but there is really nothing “premium” about the paid ones except for some rare users where I can say “Yeah that surely took a lot of work”, but there are tons of free scripts which took a lot of effort too so… there is nothing premium - it’s just gated by money.

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I’ve spent 30+ hours working on a free script before.

I’ve seen the comment section on paid scripts where people who paid money are asking the scripter if he just sold them an AI script.

Really no guaranteed difference in quality just because money is involved unless you’re buying off a site that performs QA on all their scripts

We can give you free 3 days access Interactive VR Porn: Sex Toy Scripts & Haptic for a public review

Works in VR headsets and smartphones.

Paid scripts are of incredible sync and quality as we have a strong QA in place

Can only agree - often not worth it. I’ve paid for some but all of my all time favourites have been free. I guess there is a lower risk that a paid script here will be total trash, the scripter would be called out pretty fast.

I really hope the culture of sharing quality scripts on eroscripts for free will persist and that we can get more people into scripting.

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I’d definitely be into getting a couple days free access in exchange for an honest review - I’ve done a bunch of reviews here, both for SLR and other scripters, I think I deliver a thoughtful, well written review… HMU if you want to promote something down the road.


I can only speak for myself. If a negative feedback came for one of my paid scripts, I would change the parts that are not match the quality that the customer expect. I don’t know how the other paid scripter handle this situation.

In the past I only got requests to sync the script to different video cuts.

Thx @g90ak for the mention.


Be careful on this site. While it is true that their paid scripts are generally high quality, their QA has been declining of late.

Knock me in private - I’ll provide any of my scripts, especially if you have osr2+ or sr6 for multi-axis. Very interested in your opinion.