Are there any cpu whizzes out there?

This, I know, isn’t the right forum for this BUT I can’t figure out what to do.
I JUST bought a new laptop yesterday because my adapter port on the other is not connecting. I bought, unfortunately (AND I KNEW FUCKING BETTER), an HP Stream Laptop AND IT IS TOTALLY UNUSABLE. Practically. It looks good. It is an upgrade from the $150 Asus I used before, but it is TOTAL TRASH. The main issue is the scrolling with the touchpad. IT MOVES WAY TOO FUCKING FAST. I don’t know what to do. I looked for resolutions, contacted HP support (helpful as a lobotomy). In less than a day, I am pissed and extremely regretful of this purchase. A waste of $200. The only reason for me to have ANYTHING windows or PC is for playing and making scripts. So I don’t need anything with extra bells and whistles.
Can anybody offer any advice or help in slowing the vertical scrolling speed?
As always, any help is appreciated.

I would first check to see if there is a touchpad app. If so you should be able to adjust the sensitivity. If not you can try the advice given in this short video.

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thanks. I will take a look for an app and at the video. :+1:

Oh. That is one of the vids I watched. It did NOTHING. I guess one resolution would be to lay it out on the driveway and give it a good squeal! :rofl:

LOL, personally I would try using a mouse first.


Which HP Stream model is it? Signs point to the ELAN trackpoint driver being a possible problem and the HP Stream 14 (assuming this is what you bought) official driver seems to be ancient (like 2019):

So if installing the above doesn’t help, it’s worth looking at something newer. Often a driver from another manufacturer will work fine, as they’re all generic drivers, some maybe try the ELAN one from Lenovo here? (Elan_Touchpad_22.4.22.2_WHQL)

Or the newest one I could find here (ELAN TrackPoint Device Driver might be worth a try too:

Yup @Mongoose . It is the 14. I will try your suggestions. I really REALLY appreciate it. I will let all know how it goes. I might need some guidance on some things but hopefully not. :grimacing:

Well, I DL and installed both. Still trash. Do I need to do anything special, restart, or does it automatically switch to the lenovo driver?

I have an HP too and I got used to the touchpad after a while but recently I bought a mouse and I regret not buying one before hahaha

This is such a piece of shit. Nobody should regret a purchase in less than a day. It has been the worst purchase I have ever made. I mean, I have been waiting 2 hours for 25!!! updates to install!!! Really??? I swear anything windows is trash. Not ONE issue EVER with my macs. Except that my first macbook got old. And if you look at it the spinning wheel goes on and on and on…
I do have a USB mouse lying around…I might give it a try if this ever finishes updates. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Now the fucking thing states they are having trouble restarting. UNHOLY PIECE OF SHIT

$200 will unfortunately not get you a very of good laptops these days…

No option to return for refund?

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Not really fair to compare a $1300+ Macbook with a $200 PC laptop. Unfortunately HP, DELL, Lenovo are all crap. Have had a bunch of them through work over the years. ACER, MSI and to some extent ASUS are all much better options in my opinion. I’m still having a cheap ASUS low end laptop for 7 years on the side of my main stationary power rig. It still works flawlessly.

The Elan touchpad is used in different laptop brands and it seems to be an issue with most of them. Usually you should be able to go to Official HP® Laptop Drivers and Software Download, enter the serial number or let the site try detecting your device. Then update the ELAN Touchpad Driver. Make sure that you have the correct one for your Windows version, which is probably the latest driver version. Once the driver is installed, open the Elan Smart Pad app and go to “multi-finger” ⭢ “scrolling” ⭢ “scroll speed” and see if you can slow it down.


Any reason you’re averse to a desktop + keyboard + mouse? Or are you just looking for lowest cost option?

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This usually can slow it down

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Yeah, guys, I knew all of this. And I DO appreciate your feedback. I have known for decades…HP is rubbish. I know it isn’t fair to compare my macbook with a shitty cheap laptop. I just didn’t expect this.
I should have upgraded to a better ASUS. I might still do that. Or get accustomed to this one.
@dnscouple it only affects the speed of the cursor. It has no effect on the vertical scrolling.
@g90ak I am not averse to desktops. I am not a PC person. I left that shit long ago. I have an iMac that is 14 years old. And it performs better. Sucks. Is slow, but is better.
I actually was just looking for a low cost laptop so I could enjoy scripts and script myself. If I had to spend mucho hundreds on a PC laptop, then I wouldn’t script any longer. There is just no need for me to have an expensive Windows based ANYTHING.

oh…BTW…@g90ak still gotta chat. Just not pushing it. :+1:

There is an answer to everything. Just keep hunting. I have 3 hps and they aren’t the best but they work as intended. I have 3 windows laptops and 2 windows desktops. All have had their issues. There is continued scrolling options if you continue in the mouse settings. You can adjust your mouse thoroughly using windows built in option. It’s not the best for gaming as its not accurate enough to tell what dpi or sense your mouse is with this but there are alternative mouse options. Your best bet is to chalk up a couple of 10 dollar bills and buy a logitech mouse that uses Logitech’s GHub. I have a G502 its a gaming mouse but its so nice as it has mappable buttons. Good luck, just trying to help.

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I appreciate your advice. I think as I stated, I don’t use PCs for anything but scripting and playing scripts. I don’t game nor do anything else. It seems absurd to me that the scrolling on a new CPU seems so broken as to be forced to buy a mouse for it to be better. I just never had this issue with any apple product…other than when they get old.
Again, I do appreciate your input and advice. :+1:

Not sure what system you are on, but on Windows 10 go to “Settings” → “Devices” → “Mouse” and change the slider under “Roll the mouse wheel to scroll” to the minimum so the “Multiple lines at once” to “1”.

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Ive had 3 hp laptops and all of em gave me the worst problems. I fixed all of em and sent em to my cousins overseas. Mostly driver issues on the mouse, display issues, or the beats speaker. I hated it. Frequently getting the blue screen of death.

Im using a dell laptop and works as intended with 0 issues for maybe 7 years. It has the 960m. I wouldnt recommend dell i think i just got lucky. My alternate laptop device i use is an acer windows tablet. Its really good and responsive and it can charge with type c pd. If thats new, maybe exchange it for something a bit better. If not then rip.

If i may ask, whats the exact laptop code do you have? I think it can help pinpoint the solution. I think i owned a hp stream back in the day.