Audio rhythm conversion

Hey I’m new here and just learning the ropes.
I was wondering if there is a tool that can automatically convert audio rhythm to scripts? I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it so I guess not, would this be something that would actually be possible to create?

Thanks in advance!

there is,

Hello,a easy way in OFS you can change in the mode tab the frame mode to tempo mode.

so you can select the tempo and the measure and adjust an offset

as you can see it give you the number of measure so you can create a proportionnal number of point to have a base


Oh man, I didnt realize that this was a thing for OFS. Do you know if theres any plans to bring quantization to this function? It would make scripting pmvs so much easier.

Thank you very much for the replies! I am going to look into this and play around with it.

Ive played around with beats2fun already but it wasnt what i am looking for as it doesnt keep the dance video and audio in sync. The others look promising

Does anyone know if I can make the audio track visible in joyfunscripter to assist with ‘on the fly’ recording?

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