Automated scripts: Yay or Nay

There’s quite a hype all over the place to get automated scripts work.

We are deploying a dedicated teamwork with computer vision, data labeling and other ML tools to approach it. We expect to accomplish some really great quality in the next few month. Also will be looking for data labelers soon to join our labeling effort that we are about to start.

We plan to release partial scripts with high confidence rate and re-update these over time as the tech progresses. You can see some sample below what is around 20% of what we try to accomplish. It’s definitely going to get better from now on.

We can have something nicely functional in the next few month. Perfectly every video on SexLikeReal should have at least some part of it scripted and scripted well. It will take some few years to perfect everything and get full lengths. Automated scripts won’t be sharing Scripts Premium budget, yet they will be provided for Premium users. It should benefit manual script creators a lot. Also 3-axis scripting which we plan to introduce soon will be even harder to automate.

We invite everyone interested in getting involved with automated script creation be it labeling (selecting parts of the frame where the action is happening like in Photoshop) or high level ML contribution and everything in between. Just mail us with some background information and thoughts on the subject. Paying really well

Find the sample below. Be cautious! :warning: This is unedited machine script with some fast movements.


As longs as they are properly labelled as such, not sure why people would mind.

Though I have pause about how good it will be.
Since you have a master scripter on your team, I guess you are already aware to
1:1 screen actions, isn’t necessarily reproducing the desired effect on the device,
and alternate patterns must be used.
Creating an A.I. to cope with this, doesn’t seem like a trivial en-devour.

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At least you won’t have to spend much on QA xD

But to mixmox82 point, manually created scripts allow for extra details to the criteria of the scripter, like if the performer does a deep throat and holds it in, scripters usually add vibrations while that’s happening.
Then there’s the discussion if you should script for the way a specific toy behaves or is capable off, or just a plain script all toys can use.

I do see room for automated scripts though.
A use case is that a lot of people currently ignore VR videos if they don’t have a script, so that’s probably not giving a good enough metric of what videos people would like the most.
Adding automated scripts (with a proper label) to all/most, then manually re-scripting the most popular ones would probably make sense.


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Paying more for scripts to help employ and thereby put food on peoples table, pay for their kids futures etc. is something I will always advocate.

I suppose if both are sold and they are labeled as such people could support scripters just as people support small business by choosing to buy scripts that were not made using AI.


That’s exactly the plan:

  1. Automated scripts will be labeled as such and separated from manual scripts.
  2. Automated won’t be competing with script makers for Premium budget
  3. We have very different logic and process for automated scripts compared to what was done by others.
  4. AI should be a tool of choice for script creator automating big part of routine. We will release fundamentally different ScriptAI app by the end of the year including all the new tech we have been working on. AI scripts are actually bringing more money for script creators.

I guess AI could be creative as well about scripting things. Will give it some hints from you guys :+1:

Please elaborate. So far the same script has individual implementation for every device.

It’s true that different apps operate sex toys differently with the same script. @raser1 does his best to ensure the best mechanics for SLR app and Haptics Connect with every device. Looking forward to get OSR supported with upcoming updates.

sounds good to me, i think its particually good news for all the lovers of scenes that are older and have very little chance of getting scripted as the pro scripters are far too busy with the new scenes understandably,

so this AI tool could at least give us something for those less popular scenes, yep sounds good to me for sure :slight_smile:

I really think it needs to be kept separate though, and partial scripts sounds awful and probably offputting to subscribers. Maybe SLR should strive to keep its reputation as a higher-end script provider.

For example, I’m currently subbed to SLR premium including scripts, which I’m very happy with and have no intention of cancelling at the current model. I’m also subbed to NA with the scripts, at the far cheaper earlier rate ($9.99 a month for the scripts as opposed to the $24.99 they’re charging now) and I’m actually resorting to scripting the few scenes myself that I’ll miss when I do cancel the sub. A big part of that is the fact that it’s locked to the Handy and I’ve now got an SR6 which is just objectively better, but the script quality definitely comes into it, and I’m not even the fussiest. I’m just doing these few scripts at an equivalent/higher quality than the NA ones which is taking far less time than the few commercial-grade ones I ever produced.

Nothing matches the quality of top scripters you have like RealCumber especially, but also guys like Bumdude, Judge, Vrnoobie etc that work under his supervision, and I hope this lowering of standards won’t drive those guys away and take away what is so good about SLR now.


I was thinking about scripting in general by individual scripters and forgot we were talking about a site. Also did not know different scripts were made for different devices on that site.
You can disregard my comment, but I’ll ramble a bit more bellow.

When I started scripting I was wondering if I should script 1:1 the action even if it was faster than the device could handle and let the firmware handle it or adapt to it. It was a way to future proof by having a ‘master script’ for when newer devices could handle it.

But then devices that rely on fleshlights (like Launch and OSR) require different scripting than things like the Handy, as the points they hit the sensitive parts change based on things like presure methods, like the handy band or the opening of fleshlights being tighter than handy sleeves.
So even a 1:1 would be scripted differently based on device.
(to this, there’s the point of leaving it to the user to adapt their position though).

Then there’s the fillers each device is capable off.

When I started scripting, I started doing 1:1 scripts, then later learnt that adding fillers to better transmit “the feeling of the moment”, though not matching exactly what was in screen, was getting better reviews.

So the question is how to enable a software to make those decisions, when, what, how, etc… implement those details.
I guess it depends how long your chain of IF’s is xD

As a script consumer:

I’m not really interested in “AI scripts”. For me, there are already more than enough “manual scripts” to satisfy me. Of course, I don’t mind if “AI scripts” are available but I would prefer if the “Interactive scripts” filter would only include “manual scripts”, or to have 2 filters, one “All scripts” and one “Manual scripts only”.

As a script creator:

I would not mind at all having access to a tool that can take a video, crunch it for as long as needed, and produce a “draft script”. I would run this in my “scene preparation” phase.

Even if it’s only able to detect direction change for most of the “penetration types”, it would really useful. I’m always motivated to do the teasing/blowjob part of scenes. It’s the multiple penetration parts that are killing me. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just really time-consuming and, most of the time, it doesn’t have to be perfect. When the script speed is higher, it’s hard to notice if it’s not perfectly synced.

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Actually AI does much better censoring than any human can do. We are getting some really great feedback on that for JAV.

Automated scripting will come its way. I’m surprised so many companies have an illusion like they know what they are doing by putting a task for their ML team.

We are definitely coming up with something tangible for both creators and users.