Bekscript here, my Mega is dead. But I got something better? (+Important news)

Pls only download the files that you need!
There is a share limit in this new cloud service that I am using. And I didn’t know this until today. Some links in my post will also include contents that aren’t directly related to the post. Pls choose the file that you need. And try to avoid downloading the entire folder.

So all my links on my post will not work anymore.

But thank god, I downloaded the entire Archive like 10days ago?
So I don’t have to organize them again. They will be easy to find.

But, updating the entire post will be almost impossible for now.
I will update the links for the post that got a link update comment first if possible.
If it’s a video that can be found easily from the internet(ex. Rule34videos), it will be updated pretty fast.

But if it’s a video that was edited by me, or was provided by my supporters, I need to upload the content into another new cloud service. So it will take some time.

So please wait with patience if you are waiting for the post update. I will solve this problem first and come back shortly.

Feel free to leave a comment about this problem. I will answer them one by one.

Thx as always!


The Ark is restored

Feel free to leave a comment on a dead Eroscripts post.
I will respond as fast as possible. (If I don’t, I might be asleep)

Thx for waiting!


Sorry this happened to you :frowning:

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BTW have any of you guys thought of hosting this stuff on a nextcloud server through a vps or seedbox something? Might be the way to go in the future

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I found a solution for sharing my Patreon contents with my supporters.
But not sure about the loli contents with the Eroscripts users.
I might have to change these to private commissions or request for now.


Think you can do something similar to what Falafel is doing. And hope party poopers don’t spoil it for ya.

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I found a cloud service that will allow me to upload fictional contents freely. (Even asked the creator of the cloud and got permission)
I am currently organizing the files so it can be easily shared with everyone.

It will take about a week to fully recover.


My condolences to all the amazing creators that are facing this right now. I hope you will find ways to resolve this soon and that the community is here to help in any ways we can :pray:

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Do you think this might be related to copyrighted content? Or do you believe they are targeting funscripts specifically?

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I think there is user that doesn’t like the loli contents that I posted and reported my mega links. I don’t think any IRL porn scripters that uses Mega got suspended yet. Right?(maybe because they don’t have to use it?) So I guess that is what the case is.


It also seems to be the case for people without loli though.

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Very weird as i have shared loli scripts, i only got of my post removed but not my mega (Though to be fair only 2 loli vids on mega isn’t a lot), could be related to animated porn then? The creators i’ve seen afected all have that common trait.

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Than it just might be an individual who doesn’t like the creators to begin with. I tried my best to not make enemies in the internet. But sometimes, people just don’t like someone for not much reason. So it’s kinda impossible to not be hated by someone. :sweat_smile:

I will say no more since I also can’t prove who did this to us.

Yeah, someone can be angry about the animated contents because it’s not mainstream for him/her. For someone, it can just be seen as a disgusting taste that includes young looking characters/ tentacles/ animals .etc

I really don’t know why exactly this is happening, but I can tell you that the attacker failed on tilting me :smile:

I expected this. And I was prepared!


That’s just the kinda of content i like to script :eyes: luckily most of it is just on other websites like r34video so i don’t have to host.

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Sadly, most of the loli contents that I script were provided by my patrons.
So in order to share them as I post the script, I have to upload it somewhere myself and then post the script. (most pornsites don’t allow loli these days)

I of course include the original artist page where people can find the content by themselves. But convenience is what all people want.

So yeah, I am glad that my new cloud storage provider allowed me to post fictional porn. Unless someone again reports my link multiple times, it will be safe. And even when it goes down, it will only affect that one file!

So I can re upload it


Hell yeah shbek. Fuck that guy, whoever it is

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