Best way to trim video AND script?

Hey all.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has been asked, but I didn’t see any obvious info on it searching around the how to section or other frequently asked questions.

Is there a tool or program that will trim part of a video and the associated funscript file at the same time? Like for example if I just want the content from 20:00-25:00 of an hour long video?

I realize it wouldn’t be THAT hard to just trim the video in a standard video editor and keep track of the exact start and end times, then in OFS select all of the the action from that time and copy/ paste it into the new shorter video and line it up, but for all I know there’s a tool to do that in OFS that I’m just missing or another program that will do it.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Avidemux for the video trim, you will have to just load the trimmed video as a new project in OFS and then cut out the unwanted parts of the script. To find the right length on the script it may be easier to load the full video and full script then cut away the script you don’t want and save the new shortened file. Then trim the video. Then load trimmed video and shortened script to make sure it matches

What you described is the only method I’m aware of to do what I’m talking about, but I’m just saying it would be awesome if someone made a tool (or if there is one I don’t know about) that would trim the script and video simultaneously so that you don’t have to keep track of start and end times or re-align the script. Thanks for the reply though!


You can cur the video and script simultaniously with JoyFunScripter.


This is possible with OFS.
It’s far from perfect but the way you’d do it is by creating 1 or multiple bookmark intervals.
To create an interval you go to the start position “Bookmarks”->“Add Bookmark” you can name it you want and then you go to the end position “Bookmarks”->“Create interval for “xxx””.
And then click “Bookmarks”->“Exports Clips”.
Be prepared to wait for a while though because it’s going to invoke ffmpeg in order to cut the clip which requires transcoding of the video.
Right now there’s no way to reexport the funscript “clips” alone without doing the video transcoding.

Sidenote: This was a github contribution and not done by me alone :sunglasses:.

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Thanks for the advice guys! Between both options I think I can get it to work.

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