Can OSR2+ be optimized to match the Handy in noise?

Hi. I own the Handy and I’d like to build OSR2+.

The Handy is very good but it looks like a cool project building the OSR2+, especially since I’d finally have a good reason to buy a 3D printer and also I enjoy tinkering with electronics.

I watched all the osr2/sr6 videos but many of them seem to show very noisy servos. So I thought about using the brushless motors instead and ESP32 board. I realize the price with 3 of these 80-100$ motors will be almost double of the Handy or even triple in case of SR6 but from what I hear it could be worth it.

But even then - could someone please tell me if it’s possible to bring OSR2+ noise levels down to at least the Handy’s which is certainly not silent, but still acceptable. If yes, which servo/motor did you use?


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Something to keep in mind about servos is that they have gearing in them. That and most importantly the position sensor is what makes a motor useful as a servo rather than the wiring type. That’s also where a lot of the noise comes from. That gearing increases the torque and allows for locked static positions. Going directly to a motor regardless of brush type loses that.

There are rather expensive but fairly quiet servos out there.

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I settled on these drives quite tolerable in noise

Is there any video with sound of 9imod in action? I didn’t find any but at least I read positive comments. So perhaps DSC35MG sounds like a good compromise. I can get it for $40 incl. tax a piece

Short answer is no. It’ll never be as quiet as the Handy even with expensive servos.

I still heavily prefer it for quality of motion but can understand that is a bad option for some users that need stealth jackoff sessions.

Of the servos I tried the hitech 945sw are the best in terms of smoothness and sound (my priorities). If speed and power are yours - you may be better off with other models.

Just my 2 cents based off of trying a dozen different servos and also owning a handy.


I have 6x DS3235SG in my SR6 they are not quiet by any means but they are rather cheap and extremely long lasting.
I didn’t have to replace one at all yet and i usually use pmv scripts as my go to.
I also upgraded from an OSR2 and just used the 3 servos out of the OSR2 for my SR6.

I sadly can’t tell you how loud the DSC35MG ones are and if they are as long lasting as the DS3235SG ones.

I’ve seen a video from Khrull i believe where he had some coreless JX servos and they were extremely quiet imo. (i sadly can’t tell you what the model was right now)

Keep in mind that with an OSR2 the weight/load per servo is much higher since u only use 3 servos.
From what i’ve heard/read that is usually a factor that can wear your servos down faster.
You don’t wanna be spending alot on servos when they get worn down quickly.

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I saw some of his videos too and I think it was actually brushless JX BLS-HV7132MG. That’s why I thought those were a good idea too, until someone said they’re not as good as servos in terms of movement precision, if I understood right. Which is why I was thinking coreless could be somewhere in the middle - compromise between noise, price and smoothness.

My plan is probably to immediately upgrade to SR6 if OSR2+ is a success.

9imod video


Yeah. From my exp the coreless are smoother and more accurate. Also try not to put too much stock into “free air” servo demos - their sound profile dramatically changes when loaded up and changing directions.

For what it’s worth - the OSR2+ (for me) feels smoother and more accurate than the SR6. The SR6 definitely feels more powerful, but more “mechanical” if that makes sense. I’d recommend a osr2+ with great servos over a SR6 with decent servos.

That doesn’t sound too bad. Which 9imod is it exactly? I see they make 3 versions…

DS35MG - DC (cheapest)
DSC35MG - coreless
BLS-HV35MG - brushless (most expensive)

ditto. i came to same conclusion.

though i found these brushless that are super smooth and quiet FLASH HOBBY BLS3837MED 8.4V 37KG Waterproof Servo Metal Oblique Gear 14Bit Magnetic Encoder Brushless Servo with 1/8, 1/10, RC Car/Robot/Boat/Plane (37kg 180°) : Toys & Games

DS35MG - DC (cheapest)

I have to second that aswell.
I wouldn’t prefer the OSR2 but the OSR2 is alot smoother even when u compare it with the same servos.

I still prefer the SR6 because you can really go to pound town with it.
I guess it’s just preference and what scripts u use it for.
Especially for pmv’s the more mechanical and powerful aspect really makes it work extremely well for it.

But now you’ve planted the intrusive thought in my head to buy good smooth servos and revive my OSR2 for maybe slower scripts and detailed scripts based on realism.

Thanks for that @g90ak haha! :grin:

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To solve the noise problem my handsfree solution involves piling blankets over myself and the SR6. This completely cuts the noise to inaudible in the next room. I find it great in winter, but increasingly unpleasant now in early summer. No overheating problems with the SR6 in the colder months, running a bit hot after prolonged use during summer. I am unsure this option is wise with the osr2 since it is a lot more demanding on the servos.

Piling blankets? or light like sheets? Can the toy still move freely? I do similar with keon, becase the sleeve is protected by the body of the toy. With my SR6 I play loud white noise from my speaker and put on some noise cancelling headphone plus a elastic head strap around them to help with sealing noise. Can’t hear the toy at all, even at full speed. Really helps with VR immersion.

Yes it can move freely. I have added a horizontal pole to my handsfree solution which extends over the SR6, with a removable bracket that slides on top of the bar clamp. I then put my bedsheets over it to create a tent; more blankets = less noise. Nothing at all touches the moving parts.

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Plastic gear servos are marginally better in the noise department

I too was surprised how noisy an OSR2+ can be. I want much quieter or I won’t use it.

Any idea if this is a good choice, at $110 Can for 2 servos with free shipping seems good to me.

2PCS 9imod Waterproof Servo BLS-HV35MG 35KG 180 Degree Aluminum Case Digital Metal Gear HV Brushless Servo

Most important for me is noise, and I don’t use a fleshlight, just a handy sleeve with adapter.

Not super accurate test setup, but gives an idea on noise reductions possible.

Last one in video is much quieter than the others, but not cheap.

AGFRC 55KG Digital-Steering-Servo High-Torque Programmable - Full Metal Gear Brushless Servo


Stealth jackoff sesion good one you could say that the handy is f35 or f22 in stealth