Can't wait to create Syncbot scripts!

I used The Handy for about 1.5 years

And I got bored a little and bought bunch of different products out there.

I used more than 1000$ on my SR6 that I don’t use anymore.
Also bought a massage gun, E-stim, egg vibrators for the tip, Edge 2 and so on…
But none of them were satisfying.

Till now!
Syncbot freakin sent me a brand new device with a tip licking, penis sucking monster!
Yes, I am now promoting their products. But I have 0 guilt because their product is actually good.

It tightens up the middle section to create a strong vacuum, infinitely rotates the tip stimulating sleeve to lick, and strokes too! (tbh the stroking part isn’t that crazy.)

So of course, this needs to be used with a POV blowjob video for sure. It can mimic the tip licking, tongue rotating, vacuum sucking sensations!

But atm, they only have a 1 dimensional funscript to Syncbot script converter that has a simple pattern for rotating and tightening. But as a script creator, I needed a better way to modify the scripts!

I want the machine to tighten up and create a vacuum when it swallows my penis deep. And I want it to keep that tension until the climax.
Just like this drawing:

And finally, thx to the program developers from Syncbot officials, we will be able to edit 3 dimensional scripts and use them too!

The new script converter will require 3 script files that will operate 3 different parts of the machine. Up Down strokes, rotation & tightening. Just like other multi axis scripts, script creators will be creating 3 different scripts and combine them into a single Syncbot script using the next gen converter made by them.

This is the example that I have received:

You can see that 3 individual scripts are working on it’s own!

I was so hyped about this news as a script creator. After using Syncbot, I was always thinking about how good it would feel if I script the multi axis script myself.

And it’s gonna happen soon.

I am going to create Syncbot scripts for good BJ videos from now on. This machine is just perfect for those types of videos. (It will work on Handy too)

P.S we need to add ‘Syncbot’ as a tag.


That’s one way to get me as a patron! Let’s goooo!


Looking forward to it, I’ve had it for a few weeks but then Starfield came out so I haven’t had time to write a post about it, expect one very soon :sunglasses:


Nice, this 3 script creation is just what I need from Syncbot.
Might get back to scripting if this proves amazing. At least for several existing scripts that could be enhanced.


reckon support can be added to Stash?

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Looking forward to it. I think having a strong community creating 3d scripts for the syncbot will be the make or break of the device, having its own script format.


Will only take a look at it when there is HereSphere support.


Already existing BJ scripts can get a good enhancement just by adding 2 comparatively simple scripts! I am interested on the AIMEE series. Syncbot looks similar to that.


It has a totally different stimulation compared to Handy. So creating scripts for this device will make me motivated more. Tbh, scripting the same thing everyday for 1.5 years can be boring at some point. I think this new script creating format will refresh some of that.


Who knows, they might add those features in the near future. Looks like their team is working really hard recently. And they pay attention on what the audience wants.They have been listening to me and other script creators as well and made this new converter! We just need to sit tight and support them on their new developments. I think believe they have the will to do it.

They need to. Otherwise this is useless for local VR users like me. I just put on my Quest, start Heresphere and play start and everything immediately works regardless of where I sit etc. with only theHandy having a cable. This is way more important for me. Hope they work on that quickly with Quest 3 releasing on the 10th. Otherwise they miss the train for some people.


I really liked using different onaholes with the handy, do you think syncbot is an upgrade from that?

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I don’t think it’s an upgrade. They are both good at different ways. Syncbot is more specialized on BJ features.

If you like stimulating the tip of the penis, It will be a really good device to use. I’ve been using this 2 times a day for about 2 weeks now. It’s takes like 10 secs to set up the machine. I think that is one of the best features of this device. It’s easy to use.


I get that with all these different movements that this thing is very stimulating and I’m sure it feels good, but does it actually feel real? My primary device for years has been the Handy, and even with just a single axis a well made script can feel extremely immersive. I even say this as someone who likes blowjob scripts above all else. This can even be true when the performer is doing everything such as twisting, sucking, stroking, spitting, licking. So is it actually possible with this device to feel like the performer is there working your cock, or is this just a good time with a twisty spinny robot?


Just like Handy, a good script paired with a good video will definitely make a better experience. So far the reviews from the Korean community is great. They are talking about how the good the tightening/vacuum feature is. The machine already has enough strength to dominate my penis. And I am certain that it will feel even better with a perfectly synced script.

A machine that stimulates the tip as the girl rolls her tongue.
And creates a tight vacuum effect when the girl sucks.
This sounds too good to be true. But I am 100% certain that Syncbot has a superior sucking power than a normal human. :rofl:


Been considering getting into multi axis. Gonna look into this.


True. My issue is that the SyncBot couldn’t move as vigorously as the girl moves her head :pensive:

I would slap my Syncbot onto the Handy if it wasn’t so heavy.


Wait a min…

Maybe 2 Handy might do the job…


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Question on this comment as I’ve been thinking about trying this model or it’s other model out. Why do you not use it? Is it due to set up? Performance? if using a normal script with it, does it perform as well as other devices like handy? I recently did the upgrade to the launch and it has made it absolutely amazing with vibrations and speed improving 10x. How does this handle vibrations and fast movements?

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Once you get it, it needs to be your hobby. Fixing it, upgrading it, maintaining is mandatory for OSR/SR6. Parts can break and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Set up time is similar or harder than Handy.

The performance is out of this world. It can even hold a Bad Dragon products. (Those weight like 1~ 1.5kg). It can be different according to the motor that’s been used.
It uses 6 different strong motors. Of course it’s gonna shake and stroke really well. But checking if it’s ok every single time after using it is just annoying. Who wants to deal with that kind of a problem after cumming :rofl: