Biased review about the Syncbot

I hesitated at whether or not to write an review about the SyncBot. But now I’m at it.

Before you read, just to clarify that I have received my unit for free from SyncBot, yet I wasn’t able to use it to its full potential due to certain physical issues. So I am very susceptible to bias when it comes to making judgements, which I will try to avoid.

I am not paid to write this article but I do have an affiliated coupon code.

Any “how it feels” I describe in this review is personal, and it can be different for each person.

The SyncBot PRO kit I’ve received

Let’s begin with a breakdown of how the SyncBot works.

Q. How does the Syncbot move?

There are 3 axis to the Syncbot. Remember the right diagram as these colors will came up a lot.

  • Stroking - The blue part of the Scabbard moves up & down.
  • Contraction - The red part contracts and loosens through its twisting motion.
  • Rotation - The blue part spins clockwise and counterclockwise.

To be more specific:

The red part is mostly static. It moves according to the blue part’s movements.
The blue part has an inner casing where the sleeve is attached, and an outer casing connected to the sleeve in the red part. Both layer can rotate on their own.

  • When the inner layer rotates, that is the Rotation axis.
  • When the outer layer rotates, it twists the soft sleeve glued to the red part, which is the Contraction axis.
  • When the blue part moves downward into the red part, that’s the Stroking axis.

Q. How does each axis feel?

  • Stroking and Contraction works together. These movements change the air inside the chamber, creating a vaccum that sucks your member.

  • Rotation directly stimulates the glans by spinning the inner sleeve around it. As you can tell from the cross-section view, this is the part that’s filled with small tentacles.
    And this things is the killer. Peeking from the entrance, this it looks like on maximum speed:

    Man. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out Valor & Toughness used to produce pencil sharpeners.

The intensity of Rotation and Contraction can be adjusted with a slider in the player software. And you can turn each axis on/off individually.

Q. What is the maximum stroke length?

4 centimeters.

That’s the maximum distance the blue part can go down into the red part. It also can’t go all the way to the bottom to reach the base of your member.

Also, the tunnel is shortened when there’s a downward stroke. If you are long enough and is already touching the end of the tunnel (which is approximately 6 inches), a downward stroke will push you out. You won’t be able to feel the stroke because you are moving together with the inner sleeve, where most textures are at.

As the “Stroking” axis, this is rather unimpressive.

Luckily, the SyncBot does other things to cover it up. In effect I found this displacement does more at creating vacuum together with the contraction axis, as they both reduces the air inside the chamber and creates the suction you want in a blowjob. And I found that suction very pleasing.

Q. How does the Contraction feel?

It’s a comfy and mild feeling. Keeps me stimulated throughout the session without pushing it too much.

The contraction mainly affects the base of the penis. The sleeve twists and enwraps your shaft tightly, then releases. You can feel a little bit of rotation on the shaft due to the twisting motion.

Q. How does the Rotation feel?

This is perhaps the most stimulating part of the SyncBot, though I’m not the right one to comment on this.

If you have been following my activities over the year you’d know that I suffered from a frenulum injury. I have recovered, but it left that area rather sensitive. SyncBot’s rotation directly rubs the glans and the frenulum side-to-side, which is too much for my weakpoint. It left me with a rather uncomfortable feeling with hints of pain.

I have since been using the minimum settings for the rotation axis, which greatly reduces the overall sensation brought by the Syncbot. This is why I said I “wasn’t able to use to its full potential” at the beginning.

I’m pretty sure there are people who had amazing experience with the rotational axis. So probably listen to their opinion on this.

Q. How did you even turn this thing on? There’s not even a power button!

Ikr. The Syncbot is automatically powered on when it detects signal from the SyncHub dongle.

The range is stated to be half a metre on the manual. Though mine turned on when it’s 1 metres away from the dongle, inside the suitcase it has arrived at.


Using a dongle also means there’s no need for a Wi-Fi connection to use the SyncBot for script playback. Which is a good thing.

Q. Is it loud?

Similar loudness compared to a well-lubricated Handy. Though Syncbot’s noise is more varied and higher in pitch.

Much quieter than servo-driven toys such as the OSR2 and SR6.

Q. How is the Primer N°1 Lubricant?

It is a runny water-based lube with low viscosity.

I’ve found low-viscosity doesn’t lessen the sensation brought by the sleeve texture.

One shot contains 30ml. Throughout my usage a good portion have leaked from the Scabbard. To avoid the mess I’ve had to deal with, I do not recommend using a full container for each session.

Q. Does it feel realistic?

First, no sex toy replaces an actual lover. So that’s not the realism we are talking about.

What people really cares is whether the toy manages to convey the sensation in a film so well, that the user feels immersed in the scene.

The form factor of SyncBot makes it a decent device to simulate fellatio. It is capable of mimic sucking, and can simulate tongue flickering around the glans. So I bet the SyncBot can do that, as long as there is good script for it.

So that brings us to…

Q. How is the Scripting AI?

Fair. There is much room for improvements.

I fed SyncPlayer a mixed selection of video. The results are varied. Studio produced AV had pretty decent results. Amateur shot ones are less so and can be affected by unsteady camera. The AI also did pretty well with 3D CGI. Unfortunately, it rarely knows how to handle 2D animations.

One interesting example is a Mozuku48’s paizuri animation. I was concerned about this because 1) it is hentai, 2) it is paizuri, 3) there are multiple penises and the AI might not know which one to follow.

But the result went way beyond my expectation. The strokes matched the movement of lamy’s tits really nicely. And because Mozuku don’t use a lot of camera movements, the result is astonishing.

It wasn’t all roses though. After Anon busted his load and Lamy stopped moving her tits, the Syncbot had a period of erratic movements out of no where (see the red part on the heatmap).


My hypothesis is that the AI caught attention of the hair ornament (see the red box) and started tracking its glitched twitches instead.

It seems like SyncBot’s AI captures any rhythmatic movements in the film and attempt to sync with the most significant one (which is usually the leading actor’s hand or hip). It doesn’t really look for the penis and track what’s on it.

Which is to say, the AI at work is actually pretty innocent and probably doesn’t know what a penis is.

Syncbot, give your AI some sex education.

Q. How about Funscripts?

It’s still under development. So far so good and looks like it has potential.

As of now, you use a software called Fun2Sync to convert a .funscript into a .acttrack file which SyncBot uses. To access the software, you’ll need to request it in their official discord server or via e-mail.

The process is almost instant, so I assume it follows a certain algorithm to generate the Rotation and Contraction script based on the existing script.

The experience is much better with hand-crafted scripts. The problem is, because scripters do not have control over the Contraction and Rotation axis, these movements can still feel a bit random and not purposeful.

To achieve the immersion into the scene, such as the “tongue flickering” blowjob sensation that’s been brought up a lot, either their AI must be trained to watch porn, or the machine needs be more open towards manually crafted scripts.

And I’m glad to see them moving towards the latter.

Q. Can this work with interactive games?

Currently no. But since Bluetooth support is on the way, maybe one day…

Q. Is it easy to clean?

A little cumbersome compared to washing a regular onahole.

The Scabbard has its soft sleeve glued to the hard casing and must be cleaned as a whole. You may further detach the Scabbard into three part for a “separate clean” if you want to ensure the hygenie.

This is SyncBot’s official guide on howto clean the toy:

Note that no Por Una Cabeza is playing in the background as I wash my toy. And I certainly don’t feel the task is any elegant when doing it in my refractory period.

To dry the soft sleeve you will want to gently absorb the liquid use a lint-free fabric, or disassemble and air dry. After my first separate cleaning I’ve found moisture being trapped inside the plastic casing, where cloth is difficult to reach. I left it to air dry for one night. The next morning there is still some moisture inside the casing. The airflow must be too restricted in that area to be effectively dried.

Some droplets can be seen inside the Scabbard’s casing.

But worry not. The community has came up with a rather creative solution. Turns out all you need to dry the Scabbard is a PC fan!

I guess this is why there’s no Mac support for their software.


Go get a PC.

Q. What does the Caliper do?

Q. How does this compare to the Handy / OSR?

It is hard to compare. The Syncbot operates very differently than any other toys on the market and provides a distinctive sensation. This is something I could not quantify and compare between products.

I can perhaps make an analogy based on the general aura surrounding these devices. The Syncbot is akin to an elegant yet mysterious milady who would tease you a lot before finishing you with her secret technique. The Handy is like a tomboy cowgirl who does it rough and forward with any tools available at the scene. why does this makes them sounds like killing machines

And the OSR is a fucking robot you built out of recycled junk. Literally.
Please don’t let my anthromorphic fantasy headcanon influence your personal image towards these products. They are all well designed so pls check for yourself.

Q. Should I buy the SyncBot?

Check your pocket, then decide for youself. Everyone has their own financial situation and what they expect to see on a sex toy.

After all, you wouldn’t want advice from someone who damaged his own frenulum with a custom-made sleeve don’t you?

But if you are looking to buy a Syncbot (perhaps not from reading this topic), you can use my code FALAFEL for a $20 discount.


20 dollar is dollar. Save it.

Q. Where can I learn more about the Syncbot?

I highly recommend you join SyncBot’s official discord community. Many other SyncBot owners will be there to answer your questions.

Q. Can the Syncbot reign supreme among automatic masturbators?

No PapaRenard. Not when the Frankenstroker is around.

frankenstroker by Rksolar


That’s a super detailed review. damn!
I am going to read this carefully.

Btw, is that a 20% discount coupon or 20$ discount?

Yes. This is why you shouldn’t trust any data supplied by me. I’m going to fix this real quick.


Oh and can I share this review link in the Korean Community?

It’s English, but some curious people might still be interested to read (Maybe using auto translation.)

Of course you can! Hope this will help people get to know the machine.

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Thanks for the review. Never heard of this before and all the sudden, i keep seeing people post about this. I bought it without looking at how it worked lol. Answered a lot of the minor questions i had. Bought mine on tuesday and it just got shipped this morning so im hyped to test out my scripts. Once i tested stuff out, maybe ill get around to actually uploading the scripts i made.

Another question. How strong does the syncbot move while in use? Is it enough to prop it up on a pillow and it wont fall over for handsfree use?

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I had the same guess about the AI. So I offered an idea on their discord about maybe adding a feature where you can create a box of a certain size and duration in the video and AI would only pay attention to what’s going on inside the box and ignore what’s outside the box or vice versa.

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It can be easily hold still by hand. Though when there’s a downward stroke the SyncBot will be pushed away from you. That’s the most significant movement.

I’ve not tried a pillow as holder. How is the pillow and how do you plan to use it? :thinking:

Danggit. I guess its not heavy enough to keep it in place… i prop my old launch on a wedge pillow i used to use for my feet. I dont use em anymore and now, its strictly for the old launch. I just put the pillow on top of my lap, kinda like that, and it somehow stays that way. Doesnt fall and im using vr so i dont have to move much. Once im in. It doesnt come off lol. Kinda hoping to use the same process with the syncbot

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Very informative review with images, especially on the cleaning aspect
Honestly, good post.
If there is a beginner guide that I point people to for syncbot, this will be one of them, humorous at times too.
Except for your injury, solid oof, but nice humor on it at least.

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god damn now thats a review. if it wasn’t so expensive. (and if i wasn’t so broke) I’d probably buy one

Echoing others, that was a great review! I enjoyed all the humorous elements and the different areas you covered!

I read, I laughed :slight_smile:
Good review :slight_smile:

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Lmao good review, also what on earth is that last machine in that gif lmao.

It’s the legendary Frankenstroker aka Larissa by Rksolar. You can find the original post in TempestMax’s discord server.

Thanks for going into so much detail, probably the best review for the syncbot so far.

Now I just gotta wait for them to resume shipping to Australia

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a windows machine is required?

Currently the softwares are windows only.
You can also control the device with an IOS app.

Forgot to ask. Is there a way to add or reduce delay on a converted syncbot script? Its just that my setup is kinda weird when i script for music. When using the standard 3.5mm headphones, its fine the way it is. When i use my quest 2 for airlink or heresphere with bluetooth, i need to add 200ms of delay for it to time properly. Same goes for bluetooth on my pc itself, i think thats just 100ms.

There’s currently no offset feature in the Syncplayer as I’m aware. Pop that in as a feature request in their server I’d say.

As a workaround you can manually offset the funscript by 200ms and then convert it to an acttrack file.

Also VR is also yet to be supported… Gotta wait for their software development.