Castle of Temptation (by Poring) game device integration mod (ver. 20230623_1914)

I am happy to announce that it’s time for the release of my Castle of Temptation device integration mod! :partying_face:

COTSMod demo!

:video_game: Game link

Support Poring and get the game here:
Again, $5 is incredible value for the game ($10 tier for “a” version with gallery and free mode).
Please refrain from posting free links for the foreseeable future; looks like Poring is dealing with finding a new place to live in Taiwan right now.

:spiral_notepad: Notes

  • Back up your data! My SSD died before any of my HDDs :anger:
  • The mod is for 0.3.x versions (developed on 0.3.3a, tested briefly on 0.3.4a)
  • You can restore health to 100 by right-clicking!
    – Finding the actual value which controls this was a bit tedious due to PlayMaker lol
  • The mod uses a MultiFunPlayer plugin (Intiface integration looked too hard to me :grimacing:)
    – This has the benefit of being able to adjust range on the fly!
  • Most of the funscripts I’ve made are for the 3rd part of the first path of the Forbidden Laboratory so there’s still a lot to be scripted
  • I’ve included a PDF guide in the mod 7z, which also includes example video and method for clipping recorded videos with ffmpeg
  • You should really follow the guide if you want to make proper funscripts for the mod, timing is important

Mod (import before downloading):

Source code:

Thanks again to @tidol for making the Kanade mod (+ source code available) which inspired this as well as advising!


Ok so this is awesome!!!
So quick question, should I record all new videos with each individual animation being a separate video or, would it still be easy to use the long video I made and posted yesterday just clipped into multiple funscripts?

I know that OpenFuncripter is able to cut and output multiple videos and scripts from one long video using the bookmarks.

P.S. Multifunplayer stutters lots when playing funscripts, is that just me or did you figure out a fix for it?
I think it is trying to update too often or something, the scripts show as a smooth movement on the L0 output but the actual handy moves like it’s nervous or something. :sweat_smile:


I have the exact same issue with MultiFunPlayer! L0 readout is smooth but it jitters and jumps around weirdly.

@Deern @jean_cucumebr are you both using the Handy? It looks like the Handy API is not great so MFP has trouble working smoothly with Handy: MultiFunPlayer v1.25.2 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support - #471 by Yoooi

Unfortunately I don’t have a Handy to test with, I’ve just been testing with custom single-axis strokers (Venus 2000-esque and SSR1-esque) over T-code serial.

You should record a big video and split it into clips, 1 for each animation.
And kudos for recording that 1 hour video :muscle: ! Though you’ll need to do it again with the console next to the game like this:

You’ll also need to replace COTSMod.dll in BepInEx\plugins with this updated one (ver. 20230623_1914d, it just adds the State Length printout every time an animation plays):

Other notes:

  • You can increase the console text size by right clicking on the console title and going to Properties
  • The console will be spammed with errors if the mod is not connected to the MFP plugin and tries to play a funscript

I know that OpenFuncripter is able to cut and output multiple videos and scripts from one long video using the bookmarks.

Huh, I didn’t know about that feature! It looks useful for other stuff but I tried using it and found out it will not work for this since the exported chapter funscript includes the first action of the following chapter, which will mess up the timing.

You can use OpenFunscripter to find the animation start frame though (e.g. find that some animation starts at 17.458 seconds into your full video recording).

I can make a more detailed tutorial on how to use ffmpeg + Excel to quickly clip the big video if you want.

You could also easily split a big funscript/video with

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I’ve made a video tutorial on how to use ffmpeg + included Excel file, and also a looped script timing example:

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hi I did everythink you said on the ReadMe file. If I start the program und my Handy is connected, there is no terminal like in your vids. What do I do wrong? I played in the right version 0.3.4a and got to the 3rd part of the first path of the Forbidden Laboratory with the robots.

The terminal / console will show up immediately upon launching if you’ve installed it correctly. Your root game folder should look like this:

thank you ;D
I was stupid and did not extract the folder like you did. I just put the Folder “gamefoldermodstuff” in it. You are my life saver

It does not seem to work smoothly at all for the handy for me. Did it play the funscripts correctly for you?

It doesn’t seem to work properly with the Handy at the moment, I had the same problem. Sadly we’ll have to either wait for an update that fixes the problem or wait for intiface integration.

Apparently you can output to from MFP, maybe you could try using that as a translation layer between MFP and Handy? I can’t test since I don’t have a Handy though.

I will try it right now. just give me like 10min.

I just realised, that you need a bluetooth dongle for this. I will try to buy one today. But If someone can confirm it earlier it would be great.

Connecting via works with the handy.

For me the black console window does not show up as well.

Changed the title of the folder without spaces: Castle_of_Temptation_V0.4.3a

This is how the folder looks:


Does the icon of the .exe look different from yours?

This is not compatible with version 0.4.3. You need any 0.3.x version to use this mod.


I spent probably 2hrs trying to get Multifunplayer to not jitter last night and I cannot fix the issue. For now Multifunplayer is a no go for the handy and I can’t see any signs of it getting better.
Connecting via both the “Handy” and the “” outputs work but they play funscripts so poorly (jittering up and down wildly) that there is no point trying to write the funscripts for it atm.

I will focus my efforts into getting EDI working with this for now and when Multifunplayer gets an update that fixes the issues I will come back and add the funscripts to this one.
That is unless f86k can figure out a way of connecting to the handy like EDI does.

Sorry to be a downer but I just can’t justify making and fixing funscripts for something that I can’t test, especially with something that requires such precise timings.


It looks like most of the heavy lifting has been done in the COTSMod already but I don’t know how I would go about implementing EDI with it as I am not that versed in C#. Would it be possible to replace the parts of the code that send info to Multifunplayer with code that sends to EDI instead?

you have windows xp wallpaper nice