CGI intimacy in VR

From now on, my animations come with funscripts.


VR version: “Intimate VR moments with Claire #01”
Non-VR version: Trailer for VR version
Multi-Axis funscripts: DOWNLOAD
Demo: “Funscript-generating (Claire #01)”
Generated for: Tempest’s OSR2/SR6
Voiced by: @CottontailVA


Firstly, WELCOME @anielszal. So glad to have you here.

Next, I’ve tried some of your videos, and they are incredible. The attention to detail of EVERYTHING is absolutely fucking crazy. The most minute facial expressions are rendered so amazingly - I am beyond impressed with what you’ve done.

Even if you aren’t going to jack off to the vids, EVERYONE should check them out to see just how far CGI has come and the talent out there.

And TLDR for those who haven’t followed, this is going to be the most realistic/true method of script generation short of putting actors in mocap suits, or putting a tracking chip up a pornstars vagina. I cannot wait to see this take off.

Lastly, for fans of SLOW, edging style experiences, this is really up your alley. I love these vids, but my only thought/suggestion for improvement is to make a more intense ending, or separate intense video for those of us trying to “finish” the deed (if you know what I mean).



Looks great, will definitely be something I’ll check out whenever I get an SR6 :heart_eyes:

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I am Tempest and I approve of this message. :+1:

This is superb work and I was delighted to be able to help make the multi-axis scripting side possible.


This looks amazing. Does this work fine with the handy? Also, do you get access to animations/scripts on the patreon?

@anielszal Just became a subscriber on your patreon, and wow! I didn’t realize just how much work you’re investing into this - the workflow looks brilliant, and the amount of nuance you are able to achieve is incredible!!
Very excited to see more of your work! Best wishes with your projects :slight_smile:

I almost forgot to post the rest:

VR version: “Intimate VR moments with Judy Alvarez #01”
Non-VR version: Trailer for VR version
Multi-Axis funscripts: DOWNLOAD
Generated for: Tempest’s OSR2/SR6
Voiced by: @heart_lewd


VR version: “Intimate VR moments with Nico #01”
Multi-Axis funscripts: DOWNLOAD
Generated for: Tempest’s OSR2/SR6
Voiced by: @heart_lewd


Very good. Great to be able to export data for six motion axis’s from the actual animation motion. These are three shorter loops within each video right?

If there was one constructive criticism I could give - and nothing to do with script export - when playing the Judy one in VR on Oculus Rift S (I have not played other two yet) and that was just that the stereo separation was a bit extreme when she went close to the camera. By that I mean my eyes had a had time “merging” the two separate images into one coherent image - I kept trying to push away to focus and could not obviously.

Not sure if this affects everyone or just me, or just Oculus problem. Think I was using DeoVR if that makes a difference - don’t think there is any settings in it to change the stereo separation, but anyway I think this can only be done at render time.

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Static parallel lens axes do not allow you to cross your eyes when trying to focus on a very close subject.
Manual correction of the IPD (Interpupillary distance) in the headset can alleviate this phenomenon. In scenes where the subject is very close a lot, it is worth setting the IPD a little narrower.


“Demo” link updated.
Sorry, I just noticed, the content wasn’t allowed to see from a browser where I’m not logged in. I had to switch it to “unlisted” on VIMEO, so it works now.

Thanks for posting more @anielszal! Incredible stuff! :slight_smile:
Do you have any further characters in mind for future videos? - I’d love to see Tifa or Jill Valentine

Beautiful work my friend. I have really been thinking about picking up a new skill and
your work is really inspiring.

Might I ask what software you use for creation? Blender? Unreal Engine?

I was amazed at the AI in Unreal Engine and thought it would be an amazing
addition for scripting CGI, but it looks like the terms and conditions don’t allow
for use in porn or adult content.

Any info or directions would be greatly appreciated.

I work in Autodesk Maya and Visual Studio (using the Maya API).

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i can see the potential… but i am probably in shock that xhamster feed my eyes at best 360p download… after watching 8k videos on SLR… the animation look dope… but the resolution on xhamster is close to minecraft in my quest 2. No mather what i think… thank you sir for posting these… i appreciate the gesture.

I suggest joining his patreon. Its worth it for less than the price of a single beer a month.

i’ll check it out for sure, thank you for pointing in the right direction
EDIT: wow… its god tier animation… face expression is on point… on another level of “on point”. geez… im ready for Panam VR!

is it possibe for someone to use this to script ingame characters Or Any Other Game ?


Operation Lovecraft:Fallen Doll (


That’s just awesome!

Would really love to host it on SLR.